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    trauma studies, novel trauma treatments, structural changes to the brain after trauma exposure, PTSD, personality disorders, psychopathy and sociopathy, neuropsychology
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  1. Katie B

    Fall 2020 Clinical & Counseling PhD/PsyD

    As you can see in my signature, I applied to a majority of Texas schools and I interviewed at Texas A&M so if you end up having questions about there I might be able to help!
  2. Hey! Any of my fellow graduate students going to SHSU in the Fall? I'll be attending there for a Master's of Arts in Clinical Psychology and would like to connect!
  3. Katie B

    First-Generation Grad Students Thread

    I love meeting other first generation students, it makes me feel less alone considering neither of my parents know anything about college or grad school. I come from a very small town in semi-rural Indiana and getting my education gave me a healthy outlet to overcome many family struggles. I completed undergrad in Spring 2018 with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a second Bachelor's in English with a minor in Spanish, both being honors degrees. I'll be attending Sam Houston State University's MA of Clinical Psychology program in the Fall of 2019 and will reapply to PhDs after that!
  4. Katie B

    Fall 2019 Psychology Maters Applicants

    I submitted it with my application and each of them had a copy of it in front of them
  5. Katie B

    Fall 2019 Psychology Maters Applicants

    I did an in-person interview this past Thursday at UHCL and would be willing to share my experience! They asked me a few questions about my CV and my previous experiences, why I was interested in their program, my goals, etc. It was very short! I was done with the entire process in two and a half hours including waiting time.
  6. Katie B

    Deciding where to apply??

    Honestly, what @PsyDGrad90 said nails down a lot of it! I would also consider making a list of what qualities are most important to you in a program and then you can use that list as a comparative tool when you're researching a particular program. Additionally, location and funding were two important factors to me when I was compiling my list of programs to apply to so be sure to keep those in mind if they're important to you as well! Don't forget to account for cost of living, practicum opportunities, things to do, and safety when you're looking at location. You may not live there forever, but 5-6 years is a significant portion of your life to be miserable in a place. Lastly, I would recommend checking out the website of the APA division of your research interest. Many of them have links to programs or professors doing research/ having specializations in your area of interest. So if you know you're interested in pediatric psych like my friend, check out Division 54's site, I know that they have a list of programs specializing in pediatric psych!
  7. Katie B

    Fall 2019 Psychology Maters Applicants

    Yes, I was emailed around then too. I am attending the 3/21 interview slot.
  8. Katie B

    MA in General Psych advice

    I was just looking at Northern Iowa's site for a friend and according to that, they still offer funding for their students!
  9. Katie B

    Fall 2019 Psychology Maters Applicants

    Thanks for starting this thread! I didn't get in to a PhD this year and a finding research position just isn't possible in my area (I tried before I accepted my current clinical position) so I applied to Master's programs as a plan B option. If anyone has any information on Sam Houston State or University of Houston- Clear Lake's programs I would appreciate it! @philopsych Are you geographically limited or looking for any type of program in particular? If not then this is a blog I've seen floating around that lists programs that typically give funding to masters-level students. I don't know about deadlines though. https://clinicalpsychphd.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/funded-psychology-masters-programs/
  10. Katie B

    Computers for Students

    I second what @PsyDGrad90 said, I also have a Surface and I love it as a social sciences student. I got the 256 GB SSD and I never see myself running out of space in the future. Luckily when I was shopping around for a new laptop I was able to consult with my SO who is a computer programmer and he warned me fervently to stay away from the MacOS system. I know some people are religious Apple fanatics, but with Windows updating most of their software and now having the capability to run both their processes and some Linux-based processes, it means you'll be able to do much more.
  11. Katie B

    what were you doing when you got accepted?

    I was at work (a residential treatment center for at-risk and adjudicated youth) and had to contain my excitement! It may have been plan B, but I'm going to grad school guys!
  12. Katie B

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I have an unofficial offer from a program and I would like to respond with my excitement/get an update on approval from the dean (the only thing stopping the offer from being official), but I don't want my excitement to come off as my accepting the offer if it comes because I still have one more interview to go. Does anyone have advice on this? Should I disclose the last interview?
  13. Katie B

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    TGC wouldn't let me react anymore today, but I do love this post and thank you! I'm coming off a gap year (graduated May 2018) where I worked full time gaining clinical experience and I definitely had my heart set on a PhD, but I do hope that getting a master's first will allow me to garner more research experience to make me more competitive when I eventually reapply!
  14. Katie B

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    So I'm currently sitting on a flight to an interview with a program I don't think I'll go to even if accepted due to financial constraints (I accepted the interview due to not having heard back from my only other interview) and guess who just read their official rejection letter from their only other PhD interview this application cycle? Yeah, this chick. I do have a master's program interview next month and I'm waiting to hear from another master's program, but after spending my entire academic career as an accelerated/ highly lauded student with professors always telling me how far I would go and how much I would succeed I'm finding that these numerous rejections are affecting my self-worth. Has anyone else struggled with this? Being the former "gifted student" now facing the reality of rejections? Of course I expected multiple rejections, but it feels like I may be facing 7/7 PhD rejections and that wasn't....

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