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  1. Welcome to Sam! I'm a current clinical masters student there if you want to connect!
  2. It's highly unlikely that you'll find any other Clinical programs whose deadlines aren't December 1st or even earlier. If this cycle wasn't kind to you (often it takes several rounds) why don't you take the year to improve your application or gain more experience? Applying to places that are the best fit for your goals and interests will give you the best chance at admission and satisfaction once you're in the program. Is there a reason you're so insistent on trying to get in on this round?
  3. So I'm a current student in a psych grad program, but when I was in the application phase, all of my schools were across the country. I'm from Indiana and I applied to schools in Texas, Oregon, and Washington. It does suck moving away from your best friends, but it's completely do-able! My advice for you is to be looking for apartments now and planning ahead. I honestly don't remember if MSW programs do interviews (my best friend is getting his MSW at our alma mater so he did not have to interview), but if there is an interview process then I would really ramp up the housing search after getti
  4. I'm currently a Masters student at Sam if you have questions! I can't answer for everything involving the doc program, but I can for many of the other aspects of Sam and life in Huntsville!
  5. The majority of the programs I applied to (Masters-wise) were unfunded. It's very rare to find a Masters that has funding, plus I was geographically limited to where I could apply at that level since my partner lived in Texas. I wasn't going to separate us for 2+ more years for anything less than a doctorate. Where I'm currently at offers several scholarships and TA/RA positions, but the debt is real, I won't lie about that.
  6. I think you'll be perfectly fine, especially since you're applying to Masters programs! I had an abysmal Quant score myself (147) due to the same test anxiety you're talking about and I got several PhD interviews, one acceptance after waitlist (I turned it down for lack of funding), and acceptances from all the Masters I applied to as a backup! I'm currently in a Clinical masters program at Sam Houston State. Good luck!
  7. I moved from Indiana to Texas and I drove it! I only brought what could fit in my car which means I left my furniture in Indiana. The cost to try and ship these items just wasn't worth it to me when they were old and due to be replaced anyway. The biggest problem I had was packing all my books, I had four or five boxes and that was after donating a massive amount. I reduced my possessions by almost 50% I'd say, but most of it was clutter left over from undergrad that I never used. Unlike most, I did have the benefit of moving in with my SO and the cost of replacing furniture like a table or de
  8. The research skills are transferable; however, if what you were doing in the social lab isn't related to your interests, then make sure your SOP gives a good picture of how you can apply those skills and what your actual interests are. I also think you should think about what kind of research experience is, did you only do data entry or did you help write the paper? Did it (or could it) result in a publication? Two years of basic RA duties may not be enough to show that you can stick with a project through its completion. As far as your GPA goes, it's a bit on the lower end but that's no
  9. I've just started a MA in clinical psych and during the orientation panel ALL of the professors at my university stressed that you shouldn't do a thesis unless it's absolutely necessary. The field as a whole is moving away from the necessity of a thesis to enter doctoral studies and as long as you have the equivalent research experience (publications too if you're able) then your application is no less valued than applicants with a thesis completed. Good luck!
  10. Not sure if you've already gotten an answer to this question as most aid notifications have gone out by now, but for graduate students we are only qualified for unsubsidized student loans from FASFA which means they'll start gaining interest immediately and the max you can take out a year is $20,500. If you need more than that, you have to go through private loans or something other than FASFA and government assistance. P.S the interest rates for these loans are fixed at 6.08%
  11. Listen to what @PsyDGrad90 said. Your match to the program based on research interests, goals, and training models is way more important than where you feel you are "best suited" for based on GRE scores. Find places you feel you would be successful at and then worry about making your application as strong as it can be for that individual school, repeat 10-12 (or however many schools you apply to).
  12. I would question taking the subject test at all for going into clinical PhD programs, especially if you had a psychology undergrad major and a good GPA. When I did my applications for Fall 19, not a single program required the subject test and even when I was doing research into programs, only one required it (I narrowed down my list from over 30 programs initially). Is there a solid reason you want to take it or could you save yourself the study time and the money in an already long and expensive process?
  13. I strongly recommend UCONN's program! I have a friend who did his Masters there and is now doing his PhD in the program. It's been a great place academically for him and if you're not steady on your Latin beforehand, they help you tremendously with that.
  14. If you're not already actively looking, then I think you have some time, but I hope you're already actively saving for the move! I'm moving cross country and it's adding up to be much more than I anticipated already, the fees you don't think of like utilities set up, random deposits, higher than average security deposits, etc can kill your budget if you don't plan ahead. Luckily, I'm moving in with my partner and I planned for the worst in terms of cost, but I still feel the stress.
  15. Following this post because I relate too much! Moving to Texas in only 20 days, to a city I've only been to twice, and I'm struggling to balance wrapping up everything here in Indiana, working full time, finding last minute time with friends, my parents' divorce, family health issues, and getting back into school after a gap year. This is also the first time I'll truly be living on my own, not with my parents or in a college campus apartment, and I really don't know what I'm doing! Feeling the pressure, but still excited for my program to start in the Fall!
  16. As you can see in my signature, I applied to a majority of Texas schools and I interviewed at Texas A&M so if you end up having questions about there I might be able to help!
  17. Hey! Any of my fellow graduate students going to SHSU in the Fall? I'll be attending there for a Master's of Arts in Clinical Psychology and would like to connect!
  18. I love meeting other first generation students, it makes me feel less alone considering neither of my parents know anything about college or grad school. I come from a very small town in semi-rural Indiana and getting my education gave me a healthy outlet to overcome many family struggles. I completed undergrad in Spring 2018 with a Bachelor's in Psychology and a second Bachelor's in English with a minor in Spanish, both being honors degrees. I'll be attending Sam Houston State University's MA of Clinical Psychology program in the Fall of 2019 and will reapply to PhDs after that!
  19. I submitted it with my application and each of them had a copy of it in front of them
  20. I did an in-person interview this past Thursday at UHCL and would be willing to share my experience! They asked me a few questions about my CV and my previous experiences, why I was interested in their program, my goals, etc. It was very short! I was done with the entire process in two and a half hours including waiting time.
  21. Honestly, what @PsyDGrad90 said nails down a lot of it! I would also consider making a list of what qualities are most important to you in a program and then you can use that list as a comparative tool when you're researching a particular program. Additionally, location and funding were two important factors to me when I was compiling my list of programs to apply to so be sure to keep those in mind if they're important to you as well! Don't forget to account for cost of living, practicum opportunities, things to do, and safety when you're looking at location. You may not live there forever, bu
  22. Yes, I was emailed around then too. I am attending the 3/21 interview slot.
  23. I was just looking at Northern Iowa's site for a friend and according to that, they still offer funding for their students!
  24. Thanks for starting this thread! I didn't get in to a PhD this year and a finding research position just isn't possible in my area (I tried before I accepted my current clinical position) so I applied to Master's programs as a plan B option. If anyone has any information on Sam Houston State or University of Houston- Clear Lake's programs I would appreciate it! @philopsych Are you geographically limited or looking for any type of program in particular? If not then this is a blog I've seen floating around that lists programs that typically give funding to masters-level students. I don't kn
  25. I second what @PsyDGrad90 said, I also have a Surface and I love it as a social sciences student. I got the 256 GB SSD and I never see myself running out of space in the future. Luckily when I was shopping around for a new laptop I was able to consult with my SO who is a computer programmer and he warned me fervently to stay away from the MacOS system. I know some people are religious Apple fanatics, but with Windows updating most of their software and now having the capability to run both their processes and some Linux-based processes, it means you'll be able to do much more.
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