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  1. Thanks for all the advice all. I am leaning toward just trying again next year. It's not my first try (third) and this round was a s**t show for whatever reason. I have an MA already and will just continue working in the field. I have a newish job which has been great experience.
  2. General question, has anyone gotten an invite through a 2nd round? Meaning, your PI went through first round invites, all which didn't work out, to then invite you? I have four schools in which I"m in this boat (no rejection, in weird limbo) and I wonder if I should bother holding out any hope. All places tell me it's either going to happen (2nd round invites) or the chance is "low." Just wondering if these elusive 2nd round invites ever actually happen or if I should just move on.
  3. No other options? Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. So this cycle has not been to kind to me. I also only applied to 7 schools due to my budget. Are there any programs whose deadline to apply hasn’t passed yet? I vaguely remember encountering one program that had a deadline of January 31. Any that come to mind? PhD or PsyD Clinical Psych suggestions welcome. I’d be so appreciate of any leads aside from combing through the APA site. Thank you!
  5. Same! I interviewed last weekend too and would love to know that person's POI! PM welcomed.
  6. Any opinions on a business formal dress versus and skirt suit? The dress in question is dark navy, 3/4 sleeves and made out of suiting material. Something I think you could wear in a boardroom. There’s just no blazer/jacket.
  7. Received an informal invite to GMU. If you’d like to know my POI, please direct message me. I posted on the board and someone asked.
  8. I am also considering studying more/differently and retaking. My scores are nearly identical to yours. 155 V, 160 Q, 5.5 AW was my third try. And I have another that is 157 V, 157 Q and 5.5 AW (this was my 2nd score). And then I have another score from ages ago (almost 5 years ago that is worse). With all of those tests, I used Magoosh. I'll say this; Magoosh is good, but they haven't updated their core lesson videos in 5 plus years. I took the GRE several years ago and bought their subscription and then had it renewed. I was stunned that several years later it was essentially the same with only a few more practice questions. It's not bad, they're just not great and that well done. The lesson videos are very much a lecture recording with powerpoint slides with sometimes befuddled and half-baked explanations. Where they shine is their practice questions. I have been considering doing either Manhattan GRE prep (they have an online at your own pace for $549 I think, pricey but might be worth it, includes all 9 of their books (which includes the 5 lb GRE book) and the official GRE book). I've also been considering PrepScholar. So take a look at those too.
  9. Does anyone think it’s possible to hear after the 15th given the cutoff lands on a Sunday? I’m still in limbo over my top choice. I interviewed and am waitlisted.
  10. I definitely feel that way. I’m waiting for people to reject offers they’re holding onto so my professor can extend an offer. It’s very frustrating as there are a couple people holding offers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s their right but I find that if you hold onto an offer for more than a week you’re not likely to take it. It just a “safety net”at this point for them as hey wait for better offers.
  11. Does any one know if all invites to St John’s have gone out?
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