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  1. Same! I interviewed last weekend too and would love to know that person's POI! PM welcomed.
  2. Any opinions on a business formal dress versus and skirt suit? The dress in question is dark navy, 3/4 sleeves and made out of suiting material. Something I think you could wear in a boardroom. There’s just no blazer/jacket.
  3. Received an informal invite to GMU. If you’d like to know my POI, please direct message me. I posted on the board and someone asked.
  4. I am also considering studying more/differently and retaking. My scores are nearly identical to yours. 155 V, 160 Q, 5.5 AW was my third try. And I have another that is 157 V, 157 Q and 5.5 AW (this was my 2nd score). And then I have another score from ages ago (almost 5 years ago that is worse). With all of those tests, I used Magoosh. I'll say this; Magoosh is good, but they haven't updated their core lesson videos in 5 plus years. I took the GRE several years ago and bought their subscription and then had it renewed. I was stunned that several years later it was essentially the same with only a few more practice questions. It's not bad, they're just not great and that well done. The lesson videos are very much a lecture recording with powerpoint slides with sometimes befuddled and half-baked explanations. Where they shine is their practice questions. I have been considering doing either Manhattan GRE prep (they have an online at your own pace for $549 I think, pricey but might be worth it, includes all 9 of their books (which includes the 5 lb GRE book) and the official GRE book). I've also been considering PrepScholar. So take a look at those too.
  5. Does anyone think it’s possible to hear after the 15th given the cutoff lands on a Sunday? I’m still in limbo over my top choice. I interviewed and am waitlisted.
  6. I definitely feel that way. I’m waiting for people to reject offers they’re holding onto so my professor can extend an offer. It’s very frustrating as there are a couple people holding offers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s their right but I find that if you hold onto an offer for more than a week you’re not likely to take it. It just a “safety net”at this point for them as hey wait for better offers.
  7. Does any one know if all invites to St John’s have gone out?
  8. If you received an acceptance email from American University, could you please message me your POI? Thanks!
  9. I totally agree. There's a lot of choices between a sweater and a suit. And while social psychology is more casual, I wouldn't go for a sweater there either. For what it's worth, this wasn't a dressy sweater either, but a cable knit sweater. My first thought when they walked in was that they were planning on changing there, obviously, they did not.
  10. I felt called to post because while interviews are winding down, I would hate for someone to not be taken as a serious consideration over something like what they wore during an interview. Like you said, it could be considered a red flag. They already worked so very hard and spent so much time, money, and effort to be slelected for an interview. It just seems something preventable. My first experience with this not this cycle I thought was a fluke. But when I saw it again at an interview I felt compelled to post about it. Is it a tough issue to discuss? Absolutely. But it is important and not talked about much.
  11. I don’t disagree that their comments could be perceived as catty. I at first felt that way. It does seem superficial. But, honestly, it is not. Again, it’s very much a reflection of commitment and professionalism. It’s not a casual event. That really goes for any interview. Is that fair? Maybe not. But I would never wear a sweater and casual pants to an interview, let alone a PhD interview. We’re all poor students, some more than others. But you can borrow clothes, go to thrift stores, try your best to plan ahead. You spent hundreds of dollars applying. If you show up too casually dressed you could be perceived as not taking the interview seriously I am in no way talking about clothing brands or expensive clothing but dressing for the occasion It doesn’t seem fair, but in this climate of interviewing, it is unfortunately a factor. Am I saying show up in a $300 suit? Heck no. But dress up a bit, at least business casual. In regards to the comments, I merely overheard the PhD students discussing it over whispers. They weren’t publicly proclaiming it. I didn’t find what they said catty so much as very relevant to the applicant in question’s lack of good judgement.
  12. So, I obviously won’t name names or programs, but at one of the interviews I went to in clinical psychology an applicant showed up in a sweater and what at first looked like jeans but were more casual grey ponte pants. I also had another interview in a past cycle where someone wore a cocktail dress and cocktail sling back shoes. At both I was with applicants that were all in some sort of suit expect them. They stood out and not in a good way. I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this. But I felt I needed to post about this because what you choose to wear is so so important. It reflects your sincerity, judgement, and professionalism. You’ve done a lot of work up to this point and to dress that way for an interview is short changing yourself and will raise eyebrows. In fact, in both cases I overheard current PhD students discussing them specifically and stating it was bizarre, embarrassing for them, that they lacked good judgement. Everyone is on a budget, has things they can’t control, but if you have an interview to come, please make something work that’s appropriate for the day otherwise you’re shortchanging yourself and shifting the focus not to you and your fit (no pun intended) and qualifications but something that you can more readily control!
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