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  1. Thank you that's really helpful! I'm starting to think I could have a similar experience and that the world of academia could become more compelling to me as a career option as I get started in research. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  2. Thank you for your help! I am definitely grateful for the opportunities. I'm gonna have to start weighing location into the decision as well I believe!
  3. Thank you!! There is a little part of me that wonders if I will end up wanting to pursue a career in academia, and I fear that pursuing the PsyD could limit my options in that area of the field. Both programs have strong match rates and completion rates, and are the same length of time. The hardest part of this decision has definitely been that both of the programs are amazing and would get me where I want to go--now just to figure out which degree will be my best fit!
  4. Hi all! I know that this is a common talking point, but I would love some advice. I have recently been accepted at both my top PhD program and my top PsyD program. Both are fully funded and include stipends, so at this point the bulk of the decision is between which degree would be the best to pursue in the long run. At this point, I most likely see myself wanting to pursue a career in applied work. I would really appreciate some advice, especially because a large reason people seem to flock to PhD's over PsyD's is the funding, and that isn't a deciding factor in this case. Thanks y'all!
  5. Anyone know if the University of Maryland College Park counseling program has sent out all of their interview invites yet? I saw some posts on the results page from a while ago, but wanted to see if anyone knew if they were still extending offers or not? Thank you
  6. If those that heard back from Colorado State for the counseling program happen to stumble upon this thread, can you PM me with more info? Trying to figure out if they sent interview invitations as a mass email or if people heard directly from their POI. Thank you!! And congrats on your interview!
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