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  1. I’d probably recommend going through the school’s Student Disability Services office for an accommodation It can be nice to have formal protection in place if that ends up being needed. They can also help mediate that conversation with your advisor potentially.
  2. Sending love and peace to y’all! This is such a wild time, and so many of us were already in such a state of uncertainty about our futures with waiting to hear back about acceptances, funding, etc. All I know is there will definitely be higher demand for psychologists after all this 😅 Be well!! 💓
  3. Anyone else still waiting to hear from the University of Houston counseling psych program post interview? Feel free to DM me too
  4. Could the person who posted that they got accepted to the University of Houston counseling psych program please DM me their POI? Thanks and congrats!
  5. Yeah 3-5 per slot is pretty normal in my experience!
  6. I was wondering the same thing! I haven’t heard at all
  7. I think UCSB had their interview day last week, unless the counseling track is on a different schedule than the school track
  8. I know some people have heard back from the University of Maryland already
  9. I’m also waiting to hear back from UF, but it looked like at least 1 person had already got an interview.
  10. Hey all, FYI I reached out to the Georgia State and University of Maryland counseling psych programs and this is what they told me: GSU- Faculty have started extending interview invitations. If you don’t hear anything by the end of February, you can assume you haven’t moved on to the next phase of the admissions process. Final decisions will be sent by April. UMD- Invitations have been/are being sent last week and this week. If you don’t get an email, it is possible faculty might invite you to second round interviews if they’re unsatisfied with the first pool. Final decisions will be sent in March. Perhaps not super promising if you haven’t heard back yet (like me 😅) but hope this helps someone!
  11. Just to confirm, do you mean clinical or counseling?
  12. Could the VCU counseling psych poster DM me please about who your POI is and if it was a mass email? Thank you!
  13. Okay now I’m here thinking “maybe all these schools that didn’t email me just forgot my invite” 🤔😂
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