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  1. This is a HUGE one for me!! I almost didn't even apply to the school I'll be attending because I had preconceived ideas about what I wanted and about the geographical location. But after a visit, I knew that was where I belonged. My whole list got topsy-turvy'd!
  2. I doubt the chances are particularly high. Just wait and see, I suppose.
  3. I just got notified that I'm on the waitlist for Wake Forest's MA program. I already committed to Villanova because I loved my visit, but now my emotions are rather skewed because Wake Forest was admittedly a top choice when I submitted my applications and I'm not sure whether to be hopeful.
  4. I've committed to Villanova's MS in Psych! I'm so thrilled; I visited on Monday and absolutely fell in love. If anyone else is headed there feel free to drop me a message!
  5. Congratulations on finding your perfect fit! Your excitement is inspiring
  6. School: Towson University Type of Program: Experimental Psychology MA Acceptance Date: 3/5/2020
  7. I got accepted to Villanova in late January and the email I received said that they'll be contacting us with info about graduate assistantships and funding sometime in mid-March. If anyone who attended Villanova is lurking around here, could you share any insight as to how generous the funding was? I'm also curious.
  8. School: Villanova University Type of Program: Master of Science in General/Experimental Psychology Acceptance Date and Notification: January 31, 2020; email (I know it's not a PhD but I'm still excited! I applied to Masters programs c:)
  9. Hey guys! I know this is an old(ish) thread, but I just wanted to update and say... I got my first acceptance today! I got into the MS in Psychology at Villanova University! I won't hear about Graduate Assistantships or financial aid until mid-March, but I think this is a good sign for me. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not doomed. 🥰
  10. Hi everyone! I applied to master's programs because I went to a small liberal arts college and my professors said I was probably not prepared well enough for a PhD. All of the programs I applied to are research-based, with the intent to prepare one for a doctoral program. My goal is to obtain a PhD and teach at an undergraduate institution. I will likely end up studying social psych for a PhD, but the master's programs tend to be labelled either general or experimental. Because I applied to master's programs rather than PhD's, the deadlines are not until Feb/Mar, which is why my GRE test date
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