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  1. Not the case. Clinical students almost always have to pay for their own visits, even to really well funded programs. Some areas/schools are so competitive, they know they will have plenty of applicants willing to pay the cost to fly out. They are still fully funded. I would caution people from making blanket statements based on one or two comments from other people.
  2. I’d make sure whatever you say is the truth. Better to say you don’t enjoy reading for fun than lying and somehow they catch you. They know we don’t have much time to read for fun and some people don’t at all. It doesn’t mean they don’t keep up with their academic reading. I really wouldn’t lie or fudge this. I can see it going very off the rails. I’d reply with something like how you prefer the immersive experience of films or something.
  3. It varies by school. Some pay for it entirely. Some don’t pay at all.
  4. In MD there are also license eligible MA degrees in psychology. Someone is spreading misinformation.
  5. Whomever got the interview invite for Portland State, can you dm me your PI? This is one of my top choices and I’m freaking out a little.
  6. This is not a waitlist, sorry. They would tell you a waitlist. This basically means, you haven’t gotten the official rejection yet, but you likely will soon. Yes, there is a minuscule chance they could reach out to you later, but 99% of the time this type of email is the soft rejection before the official one. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  7. I would stay away from your familial and friend connection to suicide. Those self disclosures show a lack of boundaries that is a red flag to many adcoms. It’s one of the kisses of death to a sop.
  8. I too am not sure what is going on with WUSTL. I actually emailed the coordinator. She told me they are in the process of doing invites right now. I see a bunch of rejections listed, but it’s been radio silence for me so far. I guess at this point we are still in the game?
  9. UN, Reno is meeting on Wed to go over files. Admission decisions should be within the next week I was told.
  10. Question: Two of my schools, and only two, have sent me info to fill out FAFSA and scholarship applications. I have not heard from either of these schools yet regarding interviews/rejections. Do schools send the fin aid stuff to everyone? Or could it possibly be a good sign? Am I just grasping at straws here lol?
  11. I official rejection (no letter, but PI emailed me, as they knew me from before and wanted to give me a head's up). Pretty bummed.
  12. This is my field too. I applied to 9 programs. Some seem to do interviews, and some don’t. There doesn’t seem to be a standard across the board. Where did you apply?
  13. Yes, thank you! I reached out to my PI, and she told me they hope to make some decisions by the end of the month. Fingers crossed. The program is a perfect fit for me!
  14. UCR has extended most of their acceptances but there are some PIs still reviewing files. Which PIs, I don’t know. She didn’t tell me, but it looks like it’s probably a soft rejection for me. She did say rejection letters won’t go out for quite awhile.
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