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  1. Is it nearby for you? We have to fly, so we are hoping to go look in May.....TBD, I guess.
  2. To be honest, we've looked all over Iowa City and Coralville. Cedar Rapids probably isn't where we will end up. Edit: Although dang, now that you mention it, Cedar Rapids is a lot cheaper and very nice houses....half an hour isn't a bad commute.
  3. I am also Iowa bound in the fall! We are hoping to buy a house, and I've been looking at tons online....but I really don't want to go through the process without seeing it in person either.
  4. It's definitely scary out there right now. I work in a hospital currently, and am a vulnerable population member (and have compromised respiratory function). Things are tough---but don't lose hope, everyone.
  5. University of Iowa -- Clinical PhD. I'm so excited!!
  6. That's funny! One of mine was an MD in the subfield of health psych I want to go into, and I was given very positive feedback on that. But they definitely were one of my PIs in a research setting.
  7. Yeah, I don't see an issue with considering prestige. I think the only problem with it (for me) is that it can be hard to tell how a school falls on that---especially if you're in a small niche sub-field (like me).
  8. Personally, I think you are completely acceptable to wait until you have funding information. It's awesome that they've always been able to fund their students, but without that offer letter in hand, you don't know---also, another school I interviewed at told us specifically NOT to accept until we heard about funding. After all, they said, if you accept, the university assumes you don't need any additional encouragement to go there---so it could affect what fellowships and funding you're eligible for. I know everyone has big concerns about leaving a bad impression, but this is a large financial and personal decision. Schools and PIs should be able to respect that. There's a reason you have until April 15th---obviously don't wait until then if you already know, but that date isn't a "only jerks respond in April" kind of thing. It's to protect you in circumstances like this. Has the school offered you any idea on when you might know about funding?
  9. I heard back from Iowa almost a week after the first person did.
  10. School: University of Iowa Type of Program: Clinical Psychology, PhD Acceptance Date: 2/21/2020
  11. I liked asking what they felt were the areas of growth for the program, what they thought set it apart, if they had ever worked with my POI (and their thoughts), etc.
  12. For anyone who has received rejections after interviews, how did that go? Did you still hear from the PI, or did you have to wait for a generic graduate school rejection?
  13. Lol, well optimism is always good. I wouldn't stress the Ivy thing, there's really no ranking system at PhD programs. It's more about fit and making sure you're productive in the ways that will suit your ultimate goals.
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