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  1. Thanks! Good luck to everyone! I deduced that I received 0 invites this cycle and will try my best for the next cycle. For those with even just a single interview, know that hundreds of applicants would die to be in your shoes. I'm a bit heartbroken (0 invites from 10+ applications), but also have the foresight and resilience to get through another year. I'm just happy I get to finally take off these worry pants and go back to the focused grind. Best of luck to those with interviews and those still holding out!
  2. Update: Apparently all UBC-V invites were sent out via personal email. No news on UBCO. I saw later invites on gradcafe's results page for UBC-V in previous cycles, so maybe invites would still get sent if those invited were not a good match! Don't lose hope! Anyone news on Dal or UNB?
  3. Those who received invites / waitlists from UBC/UBCO, were these mass emails or private contacts? Can you DM your POI?
  4. Out of curiosity, what were the # your interviews the past 2 cycles?
  5. It's apparently an ongoing process (from yesterday).
  6. Anyone know the following: UBCV UBCO Saskatchewan MEM Waterloo I've heard UBCV and O send rejections by first week of march. But the rest usually sent them in mid-feb? Anyone got info?
  7. Yeah... that can be so awkward for the first month or so. Just remember not to be salty towards the newcomer and keep your head up for the next cycle! That will demonstrate resilience and interpersonal skills. Source: Someone with 0 grad school invites.
  8. @MyAmygdalaDoesn'tLikeThis lets start our own program! with blackjack and....
  9. Same. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I think if we haven't heard anything we've got a little chance. I think the ones rejected had an interview already. Can anyone chime in?
  10. Day 39: I'm at ends with Wilson. Today, he had the nerve to look at me the wrong way and I just blew up. I picked him up and threw him out into the forest. He bounced, and the sphere rotated, showing his idiotic tribal face smiling back as he fell into the abyss. Of course, I instantly regretted this, and spent the next hour or so trying to find him with only the faint moonlight. I had to return to the cave because I knew if I stayed out any longer, the cold would manifest into a fever. I sit now inside my cave, by the fire, drinking warm water out of a reused can of peas, sipping th
  11. I am too! How many schools / rejections? I applied for 10 but got only 6 left
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