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  1. Thank you ❤️ I am very grateful for the interviews I do have, but I just needed to vent on an anonymous forum because I really don't have anywhere else I can do so. Pathetic? yes. Helpful? probably not. Cathartic? absolutely.
  2. I know I am very grateful for the ones I have it's just very difficult to be surrounded by people who have more than you on a daily basis. And as far as being able to "afford" to volunteer, I worked two part-time jobs throughout my college career to be able to volunteer at labs.
  3. I'm using a combination of things I've heard from faculty members, US New World Report (I know very flawed but that was to get a very rough estimate [e.g., I consider any of the top 50 top-mid tier]). For my own personal rankings, I used research fit, location, how the atmosphere seems based on their websites, and things I've heard about the programs.
  4. 100% with three of them, one I have an interview with and one I'm still waiting to hear back from about being on the shortlist, one was a straight rejection from the lowest-ranked program out of the three probably ~85%-90% with 4 of them, one I have an in-person with, 2 I got rejected from, still waiting for the other one and like 75-80% with 4 of them, have an interview with one, waiting to hear from one, assumed rejection from the other 2
  5. Oh yeah I forgot those! (I don't want to be too exact with my stats because they can be used to identify me) V: 167-170 M: 156-158 W: 4.5-5.0
  6. *Hi I'm just venting here but feel free to chime in about how much you have felt fucked over by this process* I'm just very upset about how this whole process is going for me so far. I have three in-person interviews lined up but my coworkers who are exactly the same as me in almost every way have 5+. I really don't understand. I've done everything right and I feel like I should have more interviews. For context, I applied to 11 schools ranging from more "bottom tier" to top programs. I have one bottom tier interview, one mid-tier, and one top-tier lined up. I worked in multiple lab
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