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  1. SendMeAnEmailPlz

    Fall 2019 Counseling Psych PhD Applicants

    I received a rejection from Iowa State. I got the same message as the person who posted on the results pages. It's a rejection with the caveat that they could potentially look at more applicants if they don't have a full cohort after the initial interviews -- this basically never happens πŸ˜”. They have sent out all their interviews unfortunately.
  2. SendMeAnEmailPlz

    Fall 2019 Counseling Psych PhD Applicants

    For the person who received the interview from UT-Austin, can you pm the initials of your POI? was it a generic email or was it from your POI?😢😢😢
  3. SendMeAnEmailPlz

    Fall 2019 Counseling Psych PhD Applicants

    Yas. I applied to lots of counseling programs. I see good things in our future. Seems that it should be at least one more week for interviews to start pouring in. Sending good vibes to y'all! I'm a fan of BU but didn't end up applying cause they only have child/adolescent and sports psych tracks -- I'm more interested in adult or generalist training.
  4. UCONN's clinical program has a couple professors that fit
  5. SendMeAnEmailPlz

    Is grad school possible at this point?

    I wouldn't waste money on post-bacc classes, your GPA is fine. You could audit classes if you're curious. Volunteering is definitely a good start to get a feel for your interests. Reading academic journals can be helpful as well. To get into a masters program, you really just need to take the GRE and cobble together a couple letters of rec. Masters programs typically have fairly low admissions standards. PhDs take quite more legwork, require research exp., and are extremely competitive.
  6. SendMeAnEmailPlz

    Interested in Clinical Psych, but not sure how to get there

    What draws you to clinical psych? If you are looking to avoid research and just hoping to do clinical work, I would do a masters that offers licensure (mental health counseling or social work). You can likely be admitted as long as you can manage to take the GRE and find 2-3 letter writers. If you're set on a PhD in clinical psychology, and understand that research will be a hefty part of your training, you may want to pursue a masters in clinical psychology before the PhD. I say this because your GPA and major will likely hold you back from admittance to a funded PhD. If you crush the GRE you may be able to sneak in, but research experience, which you can obtain at many masters programs, is crucial.
  7. SendMeAnEmailPlz

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Your GPA is obviously great and it sounds like you have some good research experience. Depending on your GRE and how well you're able to speak to your research fit in your personal statement, you can certainly be competitive at those programs. I would definitely expand your pool of schools and try not to limit yourself geographically. Your list is full of schools in major cities that have enormous applicant pools, particularly BU and Fordham. Try to build your list up to 10-15 programs, and sprinkle in some slightly less competitive schools -- all of the schools on your list have minuscule acceptance rates. It's hard to say what your chances are because research fit is so crucial. You've certainly checked necessary boxes so far. If you're not successful next cycle, schools will definitely offer you a spot in their masters programs. Definitely do not attend a master's program, as you'll see a limited benefit based on your GPA. Look for a full-time research position in your chosen area.
  8. SendMeAnEmailPlz

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Sorry to hear you didn't have any luck this cycle. I have similar stats to you and will be applying for the 2nd time next fall as well. Did you get any feedback from programs about your application? Also, how did you like St. John's? I've had them high on my list but the funding might not be enough for me. I tend to think based on your research interest, you should be able to find at least a loose research match at most programs. You may find the most luck at counseling programs over clinical programs, as historically they emphasize multiculturalism slightly more. Also you're more likely to get significant transfer credit at a counseling program than a clinical program.

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