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  1. Thank you all for your responses -- they have certainly calmed my nerves a bit!
  2. Hello, I checked my application status this evening after interviewing about two weeks ago and it said the following: "You have been recommended for admission to the Graduate College for the program in Counseling (MA) for the Fall 2021 semester. Please be advised that this is not a final admission. A Graduate College evaluation and review is required to finalize admissibility. Once this process is complete and all requirements are met, your status will be updated." I haven't received any emails from the department or graduate college yet, though they said during the
  3. Hello, has anyone heard back from the University of Arizona yet? Either rejections or interviews?
  4. Hello, I have been searching for psychology/counseling Masters programs. Many of the ones I am finding do not have thesis/research routes available. I want enough clinical training to work towards licensure, but also want research opportunities in case I try to purse a PhD again. Does anyone know of any programs that broadly match such a structure? Thanks in advance.
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