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  1. Ok, so, I just found a nearby Clin Psych MA program at a nearby school that's A) super cheap and B ) offers lots of types of funding for graduate students. It's DEFINITELY not a well known or highly ranked program, and it's unclear to me if they actually allow people to do theses. It's geared toward helping people get their LMHC. BUT it might be a good way to tap in to the field, determine a more specific research focus, and show my prolonged interest. Do you think this would be potentially better than working in one of the fancy labs here in boston? General question for anyone still che
  2. Thanks for the response! Unfortunately, I was totally that person! For awhile I was in contact with a recent graduate from one of my programs who encouraged me to name as many faculty as I would be interested in working with... so I named at least 3 for all but one program. I definitely had moments where I was worried about doing this, but then I thought... it seems strange to spend $70-100 just to apply to work with one single person! Ah well. Lessons learned. I'm DEFINITELY not going to be able to pay for a PsyD, full stop. So I will just work to correct this next year.
  3. I didn’t mention any of this in my SOP. We were mostly just tossing ideas around. It’s not my motivation to pursue this career, anyway. The dismal state of mental health in the modern world is... and, you know, I just wanna know how brains work idk
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I wish I had a more specific population, but it's really hard to determine that much specificity without having more experience in the field. I think I'll probably try and move to a lab that studies one of the things I'm interested in. Secondly, I had a close friend commit suicide about a year ago. He was brilliantly smart, but incredibly depressed, and hid it. He was nicest guy ever, only brought joy to everyone around him. Also, it runs in my family. Grandfather attempted suicide before I was born and is now super cognitively impaired. My parents have struggled with their
  5. University of Denver people: Has anyone heard from LM, AD, or MR? Feel free to DM me if you don't want to post here!
  6. I think in the past they've done multiple interview days! Their website says something about interviews being around March 15th, I believe. EDIT: I think I'm wrong, actually. All interviews may have been sent out. I emailed the department to confirm.
  7. By within, do you mean their own undergraduates or their own RAs?
  8. Do you think doing volunteer hours at a relevant lab would be enough? (So I can keep and continue to progress in my current position)
  9. I saw someone post a few days ago that the Coordinator at CU Boulder said that all interview invites have been extended. I was bummed, one of my favorite programs (although let's be real, they're all my fav)
  10. Ugh, I know. I applied to places that my partner and I would want to live... and maybe our standards were a bit too high in that respect. At this point I'm a little embarrassed of the hubris/naivete of my school selection process, lol. It's so hard though! Because even in the lower-ranked programs, there'll be 150 applicants for 3 spots. So I thought, what the heck, might as well apply to these big programs. Making a convincing research pitch was definitely the hardest part of my applications. I was being intentionally broad for the post, but I do wonder if was also too broad in my SOPs.
  11. Hi all. What a stressful time of year! I have high scores, a near-perfect GPA, and glowing letters of rec, several posters, and an in-progress paper, so a few months ago I thought I had a pretty good shot. After spending more time on this website, I think I might have been very mistaken. I don't have a psychology degree. My degree is in Communication Sciences & Disorders (aka speech-language pathology), and I have only worked with PIs and faculty within that world. In undergrad, I volunteered in an autism lab, run by an SLP with a large background in neuroscience. I presented my
  12. I would also love to know the POI initials of the people with USC invites!! Also, does this mean that all USC invites have been sent out?
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