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  1. University of Oregon- Counseling Phd😁! Reach out if you will be joining me. Congrats to all !!
  2. School: Clark University Type of Program: Clinical Psychology Acceptance Date: 3/2/20 School: University of Miami Type of Program: Counseling Psychology Acceptance Date: 3/10/20 Rejected both offers, got accepted into my first choice! Good luck everyone.
  3. School: University of Oregon Type of Program: Counseling Psychology, PhD Acceptance Date: 2/4/2020 POI: BS
  4. Has anyone heard from the University of Arizona Clinical program?
  5. Their interview day this year is Feb 5th or 7th. So all invites have been extended at least for this round, not sure if they will do a second.
  6. That be great ! I saw someone got a phone interview invite today. Do all PIs do that ?
  7. By any chance do you know when they will be sending out invites?
  8. School: Clark University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Interview invite for 2/5 or 2/7 Date: 01/21/2020 Source: Phone call from POI
  9. That’s strange because he was listed as accepting faculty 😓
  10. Hoping invites will continue to go out tomorrow since today is a holiday and it seems they started to send them on Friday 🤞🏼
  11. Has anyone heard from Clark University ? PI : EC
  12. For anyone wondering about Loyola Chicago, called the department and they said they are not done sending out interview invites and that they are going out in waves throughout this week.
  13. School: University of Miami (Florida) Type: Counseling PhD Date of invite: 1/13 Type of invite: phone call from POI (DS) Interview date(s): February 10th
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