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  1. I took a Kaplan course to get mine up and found that their quant materials were really similar to the real test. If you google it, they have a free practice test you can take. If you memorize those question types, the gre will have a ton of the same questions but with different numbers. One thing I remember is there were a lot of those which is bigger? questions where you compare the values in column A and B. Good luck!
  2. Different field, but I kept my inquiry emails short and direct. I just introduced myself (name, degree, current position), then said I am interested in their work in X, Y, and Z, and would like to ask whether they plan on taking any new graduate students for the Fall 2019 semester. I also attached my CV to the email. A lot of PI's will note on their faculty page whether they are taking students, so you should double check that.
  3. I had 3.2 GPA with similar GRE scores. I got a lab coordinator position for a year and a half which allowed me to get a lot of experience (2 first author papers, 1 middle author paper, 2 posters). I was worried about getting in, but my current mentor insisted a master's wouldn't be a good idea, it would just cause a ton of debt. His advice and my experience tells me authorship is really the best thing you can do for your application! I got into 2 R1 institutions, and I turned down 3 other interviews. Make sure to have a professor read over your statement too. I went through about 10 versions o
  4. Can't speak on biomedical programs at all but wanted to chip in and say that I do not have a good undergrad GPA at all (3.3) and I got into a handful of clinical programs. I decided on a program with a clinical neuropsychology concentration at an R1 institution. In my experience it seems like research experience and posters/papers is the most important thing!
  5. I feel this. I also am not in grad school yet, but as a shy/quiet person, the thing that scares me the most is the broad task of "networking". This is obviously imperative in academia, and I've personally been told by a mentor academia may not be for me if I find it difficult to make connections and begin collaborations. I don't have any answers. I think people pointing it out comes from a genuine place of trying to include someone who hasn't made their voice heard, but it is incredibly embarrassing and hurtful. Growing up, when I got singled out for being quiet (or worse, classmates final
  6. My parents are both immigrants (from Cuba and Colombia) neither went to college, and have little understanding of what graduate school is. One example I always think of when I compare my parents educational upbringing versus my own, is that when my mom came to America at age 10, she was always pulled out of school to accompany her parents to doctors appointments to try and translate, although she was just learning English herself. There's always a sense of guilt for how easy I had it in comparison. My parents deserve to see "PhD" after our last name. Any other females against changing the
  7. You can also check out the Park Forest area. It's a nice residential area with some newer townhome complexes right by Best Buy, Walmart, Panera, etc.
  8. I have heard cost of living is increasing every year, can anyone make an updated recommendation for what neighborhoods I should be looking into for an apartment (and avoiding)? When I had my interview, I stayed at a current student's apartment in Sugarhouse and I loved it! But looking at prices now, it may be a little out of my range. I'm looking for a 2 bedroom under $1,100. Thanks!
  9. Ahh that makes sense and brings me some peace, thanks so much for the info!
  10. Speaking of waiting, anyone know if faculty have a "deadline" for extending their first choice offers? My first choice POI has basically said he wants to accept me if departmental funding issues are resolved, but I don't know when is an appropriate time to give up hope and accept my other offer (a great program I am thankful for, but not a great fit). Feeling worn down..
  11. Has anyone been accepted to University of Utah? My POI told me he would like to accept me, but funding for slots is currently "in flux" and has yet to be determined (this has been going on for a month). I'm told by my current advisor it sounds a little sketchy, and that he may not be being honest. I'm trying to determine if this is a program-wide issue holding everyone up, or if it's just POI-specific. 😥
  12. I emailed them with something along the lines of "I was hoping get some information regarding the status of my application. Any insight would be much appreciated as I begin to consider my options" I've seen a lot of mixed feelings about contacting a POI post-interview, but in my opinion I don't think it's inappropriate as long as you are polite and not pushy! Good luck!!
  13. Hi everyone, I recently reached out to a POI for my top choice post-interview, and his email was a little cryptic? He basically said funding for spots in my concentration is "in flux" and he would like to extend an offer to me should he get approval...but he also said he wouldn't want me to forego a promising opportunity elsewhere while we wait to find out. Not really sure how to read this...any insight? ALSO, I was unpleasantly shocked at the funding offered by my second choice (only acceptance), and don't think I'd be able to make that work. I know it's possible to apply for outside funding,
  14. Has anyone heard from University of Utah post interview? I'm trying to decide when might be appropriate to email my faculty member of interest to ask for an update on my status (interview was Feb 1).
  15. Has anyone heard anything from University of Arizona? I saw someone post they were rejected, but haven't seen anything else!
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