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  1. That GRE score is way more than competitive. I think it will just come down to how the profs like you. Good luck!
  2. Hey come check out my page

  3. As a Hokie alum I can add that Blacksburg is a wonderful town to study in. For the two years you will be there you will find ample places to buckle down and study but also plenty of distractions for your free time. There are a ton of restaurants in the 16 blocks that make up downtown, and beyond, as well as a new movie theater. There are great hiking trails around managed by the VT Outdoor Club. Roanoke isn't so far away to make it a hassle getting out there, where there are museums and yet more things to take advantage of. Football weekends in town are fun even if you don't go to the gam
  4. Does anyone have suggestions for housing? I'm looking for a 2BR house to rent. I'm moving to town with my wife so we've had to rule out a good number of options because of the "rent-by-room" policy that some places have.
  5. After a bit of sleuthing, it's most likely a reimbursement check... I just want an answer! Don't lead me on OSU!
  6. Got a notice from the post office that OSU sent me a letter. Can't tell from the attached picture if it's a "fat" or "thin" envelope. Mail won't be here for another few hours. My heart... My heart...
  7. I'd like to be a blogger! Count me in as category 2 and/or 4.
  8. Why are there no active subforums for electrical engineering
  9. Hey all you ECE's out there! Trying to find a thread to find out more about the wonderful world of ECE grad life/applications/admissions/etc. This is the most replied-to ECE thread in the Engineering forum, but the last reply is 10 years old... Any new threads out there? Anyone? ...hello?
  10. I've just got back from two promising grad school visits and all I want is to know if I'm in or not! This is an insanely common vent I know but it sure does feel good to write it out and send it to the masses My wife and I are dying to know if we're staying in our current city (Wash DC) or moving somewhere new in the fall. Ahh!!
  11. Is this still true? I'm waiting on acceptance and will hopefully be moving to Columbus with my wife, so we're looking for something a bit larger than a downtown 1BR place. Short North seems expensive, as does Victorian Village. We've been kind of eyeing northwest Columbus and Dublin as well, mostly for affordability.
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