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  1. As many of you have reported(thank you), TheGradCafe has been dealing with server issues the past few days. This has been a difficult issue to resolve, but we are now hopeful it has been corrected! We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we worked through the issues. If you notice any duplicate posts, please report them as duplicate and the mods will take care of it.
  2. Hey everyone, We had an issue with a forum software update last evening that caused a few hours of downtime. We also noticed it corrupted some recently updated profile images. If you notice your image is missing, simply upload a new one to replace it. We apologize for the inconvenience!
  3. This is not accurate. Yes, the data provided is the current list in the Submit Your Results form(which is much improved over the previous list), but not perfect. My suggestion was to use data from a singular list. That singular list can be edited and at this point should be. As long as the main sheet is making use of a singular source of data for university/subject, we can easily migrate that to a future tool. If there are university/subject that aren't perfect, by all means, I would suggest an edit to the source tabs.
  4. Got it. As long as there is a process to get new options added, sounds good to me.
  5. It looks like the Sheet was modified from my edits, but the intention was to add new Universities to the Universities tab, which would auto populate the Sheet1 TGA University drop down column. It looks like the Drop Down formula(which pulls in from the other tabs) was removed. Without it, it is difficult to enforce data integrity.
  6. @Ternwild - great job getting this started! For this to work(converting into a useful tool), we need to ensure data integrity. Most importantly, we need a common list of universities and programs. I can provide a starting point, which we can use to populate the University and Program columns. They will become drop downs to ensure everyone is using the same text for Washington University. Furthermore, it would be helpful if we matched on our existing University names for an easy match at conversion time. I will be in touch on setting this up.
  7. TGCA

    Server Upgrade

    Hi Everyone, The server upgrade has been completed. Once live on the new server this morning, we had an issue that took some time to resolve. We apologize for the inconvenience but expect much better performance on the Forum and Results Search going forward.
  8. I'm sure you all have noticed the Error 500's happening more frequently this week. This is due to our server getting maxed out from all of the frantic refreshing! We have tried to optimize the best we can, but we will be upgrading this weekend to accommodate the increase in traffic. This will take place overnight, either tonight or Saturday. The site will be taken offline for a few hours while this occurs.
  9. Top Posters for January 2019! 1) @kendalldinniene 2) @doctormelody 3) @Bopie5 4) @Moods 5) @dancedementia 6) @checkingmyemail 7) @Adelaide9216 8 ) @placeinspace 9) @dilby 10) @Psyhopeful Here is the Leaderboard for January highlighting members with the best rep during this period. https://forum.thegradcafe.com/leaderboard/?custom_date_start=1546322400&custom_date_end=1549000799
  10. If someone wants to start a Google Sheet to crowdsource this, we can take the data and create a simple tool which will allow users to easily find app deadlines. For this to work well, we'll need consistent school / program names(which we can provide a starting point).
  11. @Mazinha88 - can you PM me your search query? We are working on a bug and it would be helpful to know what queries are causing zero results.
  12. @sad_diamond - we are working on a bug. Can you provide your query? - PM if necessary and we'll investigate.
  13. Happy New Year! Here are December's Top Posters... 1) @maya123z 2) @ResilientDreams 3) @checkingmyemail 4) @MH13 5) @ASDadvocate 6) @Moods 7) @loffire 8 ) @Bopie5 9) @doctormelody 10) @petitebiscuit Here is the Leaderboard standings for December: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/leaderboard/?custom_date_start=1543644000&custom_date_end=1546322399 Great job - @checkingmyemail, @petitebiscuit, @ResilientDreams and @loffire
  14. Thanks @Warelin - PM sent to @Crucial BBQ.
  15. Here are November's Top Posters: 1) @Psygeek 2) @ResilientDreams 3) @Adelaide9216 4) @psychtobeme 5) @loffire 6) @Stat PhD Now Postdoc 7) @Moods 8 @Warelin 9) @socpsy 10) @civitas Also, shout out the following members for making the Leaderboard for November! @ResilientDreams @Psygeek @Adelaide9216 @Sigaba
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