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  1. TGCA

    November Top Posters

    Here are November's Top Posters: 1) @Psygeek 2) @ResilientDreams 3) @Adelaide9216 4) @psychtobeme 5) @loffire 6) @Stat PhD Now Postdoc 7) @Moods 8 @Warelin 9) @socpsy 10) @civitas Also, shout out the following members for making the Leaderboard for November! @ResilientDreams @Psygeek @Adelaide9216 @Sigaba
  2. TGCA

    Chat room?

    Hi @Adelaide9216 It is something we have recently discussed, but unfortunately, the chat solution that is part of the forum software has been discontinued. We would need to integrate a third party solution. If there is interest from the community, I'll revisit with the mods as we briefly discussed a Discord option.
  3. TGCA

    October Top Posters

    Here are October's Top Posters: @ResilientDreams @Moods @Adelaide9216 @ChaiTeaSLP @Warelin @loffire @Psygeek @JennWilhelm @Stat PhD Now Postdoc @juilletmercredi Users with the highest reputation during October are as follows: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/leaderboard/ @Warelin @ResilientDreams @telkanuru @Sigaba
  4. TGCA

    Profile Picture

    It appears the dimensions of your image may be too wide, but the image size is small enough to upload. I would try resizing your image to 120x120 before uploading it and see if that works.
  5. TGCA

    Profile Picture

    Would you like it removed?
  6. TGCA

    Looking for Bloggers!

    In case you missed it, shout out to @ResilientDreams with the forum's first blog post in 2018. @ResilientDreams will be posting content under Applying to Grad School and a few other topics. The goal is to have 4 or 5 topics covered where we can share the link and content can easily be consumed on the topic of your choice. If anyone else wants to share their experiences in one of the topics above, PM me.
  7. TGCA

    September Top Posters

    The top posters report wasn't posted in the slow months in past years, so it seems "slower" as many of the users who only use the site during application season aren't here yet. However, the Community Activity report shows a 15% increase over the first week in Oct 2017, so the forum is actually more active than last year. @Adelaide9216 - what gives you the feeling the forum is less active? I'm curious so we can work to improve it.
  8. TGCA

    Forum Upgrade

    All, Forum was upgraded today for a security fix. Let me know is you see any issues.
  9. TGCA

    September Top Posters

    Here are September's top posters: @ResilientDreams @Adelaide9216 @Bodhicaryavatara @Psygeek @Hk328 @Sigaba @loffire @bibliophile222 @juilletmercredi @high_hopes Users with the highest reputation during September are as follows:(https://forum.thegradcafe.com/leaderboard/?custom_date_start=1535778000&custom_date_end=1538369999) @ResilientDreams @Warelin @telkanuru @Adelaide9216 Great job everyone!
  10. Hello, We are excited to announce the release of a new logo and redesign (of the main site) - https://www.thegradcafe.com This is a much needed facelift and the beginning of more improvements to TGC over the coming months. Please note, this release was limited to cosmetic changes and functionality improvements will be added later. No changes were made to the forum other than the logo.
  11. TGCA

    Monthly Top Posters Contest - August

    Final results for the August Top Posters Contest. Congratulations to the winners(1-3)! This will wrap up our contest, but we will still post this report as a monthly highlight of active users. FYI - You can also view the Leaderboard to find top members with the highest reputation during a certain period of time. https://forum.thegradcafe.com/leaderboard/ 1) @Sigaba 2) @BabyScientist 3) @ResilientDreams 3) @Adelaide9216 @Warelin @historygeek @juilletmercredi @Bodhicaryavatara @Hk328 @bayessays
  12. TGCA

    Looking for Bloggers!

    Hey All, We will be opening up user blogging once again with the hopes of creating consistent content around: 1) The application process (how-to's, tips, dealing with stress, etc.) 2) Topics while attending (life in grad school) 3) Life after school (if I had to do it all over again, finding work, etc.) 4) Program specific (if you feel strongly about a program and have a lot to share) If you are interested, please respond with a topic of choice and I'll PM you with more details! For those who aren't aware of the blog ---> https://forum.thegradcafe.com/blogs/ Thanks!
  13. TGCA

    Monthly Top Posters Contest - August

    This contest is a way to spur engagement during downtime. If members inflate their post count in a month to win a contest, they risk losing credibility. The Top Poster report has been around for years as a measure of involvement. Adding in a prize certainly leads to some quality concerns, but it is short term and meant to get people talking. Thank you for voicing your concern, it is valid and will be considered for future contests. I can assure you we have. I am very thankful for the current mods/senior members who have voiced their opinions/suggestions for improvement. We are doing what we can to improve, but it takes time. Noted. The point of the contest is to spur engagement. Less experienced users may feel motivated to post when they didn't before. It is possible these users are giving advice they believe is true. I hope if this is happening, regardless of contest or not, more knowledgeable members would also add their opinion. Asking questions is a valuable part of this community! Many lurkers don't feel comfortable asking questions and prefer to rely on others to do it. This contest/report is simply about getting involved! ----------------------- Thank you all for the feedback, it is appreciated.
  14. TGCA

    Monthly Top Posters Contest - August

    August Top Posters Week 2 Update: 1) @BabyScientist 2) @Sigaba 3) @Adelaide9216 4) @Warelin 5) @indecisivepoet 6) @ResilientDreams 7) @historygeek 8 @kgras13 9) @bayessays 10) @FishNerd
  15. TGCA

    Monthly Top Posters Contest - August

    It doesn't. This contest is a way to kick off an old Top Posters report that used to be posted monthly for fun. Perhaps in the future we can have a contest based on reputation(https://forum.thegradcafe.com/leaderboard/).

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