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  1. Hi @Crucial BBQ - https://www.google.com/search?q=gradcafe+computer+science There are definitely users who post results and don't join the forum. There is no requirement to join the forum to post results and it isn't obvious there is a forum if you come if from a "results" type search. This is one of the reasons people ask questions in their results submission. One goal is to marry the forum/results and make it more apparent there is a better place to discuss than within the results tool.
  2. TGCA

    Monthly Top Posters Contest - August

    August Top Posters Week 1 Update: 1) @Adelaide9216 2) @Sigaba 3) @BabyScientist 4) @Warelin 5) @ResilientDreams 6) @JDtoPhDmaybe 7) @Hk328 8 @bayessays 9) @E-P 10) @kgras13 Great to see a few new members on this list! Remember, top 3 receive a $25 Amazon gift card. The difference between 10th place and 3rd is still quite slim. Announcement: I'd like to introduce @telkanuru and @punctilious as new moderators on the forum! Very excited to have them on the team.
  3. @Adelaide9216 Based on the past two years of "community activity", which is a report I have in the Admin area, July/Aug are slow months. In relative terms: Community Activity: The total number of members who submitted new content, followed something, or reacted to something on the community in the specified time period. July 2016: 882 July 2017: 1029 July 2018: 993 In addition, when we took over the site, there was a major issue with the Results pages being blocked from the search engines. This was an error made in September 2017 that caused a significant drop in Google traffic. This affects the forum as many new users come from that tool. We have corrected the issue, but it will take time to recover the lost traffic. However, we have seen a steady increase in forum activity in the past two weeks, which is a great sign.
  4. My question was aimed at future entries. There is a fair amount of 2018 data, but trying to gauge a wider interest to determine if the tool is justified. We'll add the tool to our list of ideas to develop as I think it would serve the community well. Historical data would be loaded with the development of the tool.
  5. It does appear you can go through the change logs and recover the data. A question would be...is there a need for a tool on the site that would take in: - university - field - funding package data(offer year, scholarship, stipend, grad assist, health insurance, etc)...any/all perks broken out - comment - forum username(optional) And then... - create searchable reports by school, year, filters above, etc. ============= Who would be willing to enter data into the tool? Who would use it for research?
  6. TGCA

    Monthly Top Posters Contest - August

    Here is the unofficial ranking for July(as July isn't over yet), but this one doesn't count anyway ;).... 1) @Adelaide9216 2) @Sigaba 3) @indecisivepoet 4) @Warelin 5) @isma93 6) @mcamp 7) @historygeek 8 @E-P 9) @Psygeek 10) @Bodhicaryavatara For the August contest I will award the Top 3 Posters $25 Amazon gift cards. This is a slow time of year on the forum, so it won't take much to rise to the top. I will be posting weekly updates to keep everyone in the loop on how well they are doing. Good luck!
  7. Thanks @Warelin for highlighting these requests! Obviously, some changes are easier than others, but we are currently considering the following(most of which address your highlights): 1) Cosmetic improvements - improve the look and feel and add technologies that make filtering/searching easier. Redesign the search to make it more intuitive and "cleaner". 2) Standardizing data - For example, cleaning up university names and standardizing them in order to provide results by school easier and more accurately. This will also allow for more advanced reporting/searching in the future as well. With this ability, we will also be able to graph results for a school, by date, to provide users some sense of expected reply time...obviously based on the user's report dttm, not the official school response dttm. Nonetheless, we are looking to present the data in different formats. 3) Adding more filters - this one still needs to hashed out based on available data, most requested options to filter by and our ability to parse non-standard data into filterable options. Adding more options to the submission form is also being considered. 4) Track/Discuss results - we are considering a few options that would allow a user to add an email/account to a submission to receive contact from others. In addition, you can "watch" certain categories(institution, program) to get pinged when other related submissions come in. 5) Improving integrations between the forum and results page - this involves several ideas, but the basics are adding automated stats/info from the results tool into the forum and allow users to sign up to the forum/add results for discussion as they are submitting data. We have no timetable on any release of new features or changes. Our priority is to add value, so we want to make sure any changes are well thought out. Some of these ideas may never make it out the door, but wanted to share some of our thoughts for improvement as well. Look for polls and additional requests for feedback, specific to the topics above. Before we implement anything major, we will be requesting feedback/ideas to ensure we aren't missing anything.
  8. Hey Everyone! Starting in August, we would like to rekindle the monthly top posters report where we spotlight the top 10 contributors each month. To kick things off, we will offer a special prize for the top 3 in August! You can look back at previous "Forum stats" topics to see the format. Also, please welcome @Warelin as a new moderator on the forum!
  9. TGCA

    Forum Upgrade

    Hello! Just implemented a small forum upgrade to fix a few bugs in the last update. Should be minor, but posting in case you notice something out of the ordinary.
  10. TGCA

    Hello TheGradCafe!

    Hello GradCafe Community, I would like to introduce myself as one of the new Admins on TheGradCafe! I’m excited to join the community and serve it in any way I can. As some of you may or may not have noticed, TGC recently changed ownership. We have long viewed TGC as one of the most valuable communities for future and current grad students. It is our honor to be in a position to help this community continue being a top resource. In recent years, the forum ownership was unable to dedicate time to help grow the community. We are excited to announce a renewed focus on growth and engagement. We realize the members are what make this community great and it is our intent to stay in the background and provide the resources to allow the forum to flourish. While we hope for a smooth transition, there are always bumps in the road. We ask for patience as we work through them, but are confident this community will continue to offer tremendous value for years to come. What to look for: Reinstate blog posting (look for an exciting announcement regarding awards for top posters) Recognize top contributors on the forum each month with prizes Implement feature requests Improved server hardware for peak traffic season(already complete) Improved look and feel on the non-forum pages(thegradcafe.com, thegradcafe.com/survey/) Adding resources to help potential grad students along their journey(content, faqs, tools, etc.) An open ear to suggestions...we are eager to help and if there is something that can improve the community, we will do our best to add it If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to discuss! See you around the forum! Thanks, TGCA

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