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  1. Hi everyone. I'm graduating in May and taking gap years before applying to grad school. I've been looking for full time research position, and applied a few. None of them got back to me and won't reply to follow up emails neither. While i say I completely understand, but I'm also panicking. If any of you have got a position or also looking for positions, would you mind share your experiences? Like when did you get the positions and how was your application process? I'm checking the harvard and duke post graduation job board, indeed, linkedin, and some universities/hospitals; career sites on daily bases, but if there is any other website or forums that are useful please let me know! Thanks!!
  2. Thanks guy!! I contacted a couple professors to see if I can still get into a lab for the summer. Since I'm international it's like equally difficult to get into US and Canada programs, so i'm gonna applying for both. Terminal masters is out for financial reason but thank you for all your advise!! I ll think carefully about this! Good luck to those applying
  3. I want to do clinical research in a hospital or pharm company on mental illness and neurological disorder but nothing specific. I'm a little holding back on working molecular level research that's why I'm looking into clinical psychology but again, I don't think I can get into a good program with that stats. Does anyone know if it's easier to get into a MA/PhD clinical psy program in Canada? Cause I'm very open to that
  4. I'm doing RA in a cognitive neuroscience (not clinical psy) and will do an independent study with them. I did looked into pre-med but I'm international and fewer school accepting us and it's also more competitive than domestic.
  5. Ok I'm applying this cycle and panicking. So I'm really interested in neuroscience and research in biomedical science, MEANWHILE, psychopathology has always been fascinating to me but clinical psy is super competitive (more than biomed I think). Only thing I don't like about biomed is that most graduates go to academia/industrial and doesn't really work with patients. They are very different routes and I really can't get both. My gpa is not good (3.4/4.0) and I kinda don't think I stand a chance to get in a good clinical psy programs (Maybe master→phd?). Summarize: More interested: Clinical neuropsychology. Higher chance to get in: Biomedical Science
  6. I don't know, looks like there isn't one. I guess we are early lol
  7. Hi guys! Congrats on all the acceptances!!! I'm applying the upcoming cycle (hopefully) for neuroscience or biomedical science and could really get some advise. International student attending US college. GPA is not competitive (3.45/4.0), and only have one semester left, so no hope on rising that. Taking GRE next month and September if the previous one doesn't go well(aiming for ~325). RA in a computational neuro lab for 1.5 yrs, and I'm doing an independent study in that lab next semester too. Volunteering in a big neuro lab in Case this summer. No pub/poster. Here are my list so far, any suggestion? What do you think my chances are... Case, Cornell, Einstein, Mayo Clinic, Icahn, UW, UM Ann Arbor, BU, UMass Med, U Colorado Denver Also, question for international students who are attending especially biomedical programs. I see that majority program grants full tuition and fee wavier. Does international student get it too or do we have to find our own source of funding, like contacting professors?
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