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  1. anyone who is on the waitlist at texas tech just get a confusing email? i'm assuming it was sent to all applicants to the grad school, but the language makes it sound like i've been admitted- "Thank you again for your interest in graduate study at Texas Tech Graduate University. I look forward to you joining the community of scholars at one of the top research universities in the US. I want to assure you once more that we are continuing to process applications as normal for our summer and fall terms. However, as a follow up to my last message, I wanted to address some of the issues that we are hearing from many of you. We know that the COVID-19 situation has caused the closure of most centers for GRE/GMAT testing. Due to this situation, I am waiving the requirement for these tests for applicants for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 application terms. If your program required GRE scores, that section on the application is now optional. If you have already taken the GRE, please complete that section; otherwise, you may skip the question and submit your application without scores. Again, we appreciate your patience as we work through these circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us at graduate.admissions@ttu.edu. I look forward to welcoming you to Texas Tech soon."
  2. If the person who is holding onto an offer from Texas Tech for PI: KC sees this, please DM me!!!
  3. Anyone else waiting to hear back from Case Western?
  4. Does anyone know when Case Western's decisions are supposed to come out?
  5. Yeah, I had interviewed with them at the end of January but heard nothing since then until this email (this is for clinical)
  6. Update - I just received the update email, pretty sure it's the same one you did! Weird how it was sent out at different times. Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us....
  7. I haven't received anything... is this for clinical?
  8. I've heard nothing from louisville either. I wouldn't assume anything quite yet if you haven't heard.
  9. Anyone who went to Alabama Tuscaloosa's interview weekend, can you please DM me? I wasn't able to go in person so I had a skype interview but I'd really like to hear more about peoples' experiences interviewing in person. Bonus points for geropsych track. Thanks!!
  10. Sorry, should have specified clinical! There's so little on the results page from past years that it's hard to know when things will start happening.
  11. Has anyone heard from University of Louisville post-interview?
  12. I just had a formal skype interview for a program yesterday. It actually felt a lot more "real" than I was expecting, and I really felt like the people I interviewed with were taking it as seriously as they would if I had been there in-person. I tried to make it very clear to them beforehand that my inability to make it to their in-person date was not an indication of my interest in their program, and was only due to the fact that I had already confirmed an interview on the same date. I think the thing to really keep in mind during a skype interview is that, obviously, you won't get to visit the facilities and experience the surrounding area. I made sure to ask almost everyone I interviewed with about their experience in the area to try to get a good feel for how it might be living there. Also - try to ask about where grad students are originally from. I've noticed from having several interviews that the student cohort at some places is almost entirely local, whereas other places there is a mix or almost everyone is from a completely different area. I think that speaks to how well the area is amenable to diverse backgrounds and how easy it is to adapt to an area if you're from far away. Good luck!
  13. Are black jeans appropriate for a pre-interview day dinner/party if worn with a nice sweater and tall black boots? Or should I swap them out with dress pants?
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