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  1. Hello, I have been working as a Clinical Research Coordinator since June 2019, and I would make sure to read as many papers written by the PI as possible prior to starting. Make sure you have all of your Citi training done or moved to the new institution (which they will probably talk to you about before you start). It is always a good idea to speak to the project managers and whomever will be training you prior to starting. I am not sure what your new lab format will be, but if you're working remotely, make sure you already have an area set up that you'll be able to be productive
  2. Hey Everyone! Have any of y'all heard about the PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience at Boston University? I haven't seen anything about it on this site and I think it looks fascinating. Is it a newer program?
  3. Hello, I am attending a conference in April where I am a co-author on a presentation and a few PI's that I am planning to apply to work with in grad school are presenters at the conference. Is it appropriate to email them in advance and express interest and ask to speak with them during the conference or should I wait and try to speak to them at the conference? Any advice is appreciated!!
  4. Hey Y'all, I am not applying this cycle but I plan to apply to cognitive psych/cognitive neuroscience programs next year. Background on me: I took two years off after undergrad to do research in a neurology/neuromuscular lab that is highly regarded but, as a result, I haven't done as much "actual" psychology work. I'm particularly interested in neurodegeneration in aging and using neuroimaging to identify correlations in the change in volume of different structures in the brain and cognitive functioning. By the time I apply I will have at least one poster and a paper in publication
  5. I applied last year and got in to a program that ultimately I knew wasn't right for me. I really wish I hadn't of applied last year because it was a waste of time and money since I realistically didn't know EXACTLY what I wanted to do and I believe that showed in my applications. While your resume is impressive now, it will only get better AND you will have a better idea of what your ultimate goal is and what the best way to get there is. It is also very nice to have some time in my early twenties where I'm not stressed about school! Good luck!
  6. Hey y'all, I worked about 20-30 hours a week in my undergraduate lab for about two years and I just started in a lab position after undergrad but I want to get more experience with publishing. Is it appropriate to approach my undergraduate research advisor about continuing to work remotely with her? One of my coworkers suggested it. Any advice? Thanks!
  7. Hi! Did you have any publications or research posters?
  8. Have you heard of doing a graduate certificate to show you can do the coursework while working in another lab?
  9. Hey everyone! I am trying to get opinions on my likelihood of getting accepted to Clinical PhD programs and Neuroscience PhD programs with a below average undergraduate GPA (3.2 overall and 3.25 last 60 hours). I worked in a lab for 1.5 years in undergrad and just started a position full time as a project coordinator in a neuroscience lab which is a two year commitment. I have not published yet but have a poster presentation coming up in a few months. My GRE scores were 160Q and 156V. Any advice on raising undergraduate GPA after graduation with other courses outside of doing a masters program
  10. I would be interested in doing blogs about dealing with rejection and ways to improve your chances at graduate acceptances
  11. BnTAcT


    I applied because we have similar research interests at the time I was applying but my interests have changed a bit since then.
  12. BnTAcT


    So I'm waitlisted at Mizzou in the Cognition and Neuroscience program where the POI is interested in similar things to me but it isn't a great match because I am more interested in abnormal aging and neuro-imaging but he doesn't do neuro-imaging and he does healthy aging research. I also have two potential job offers in the neurology departments at the University of Miami and WashU. The WashU position doesn't really provide me with the research experience (its a psychometrician job) so I wouldn't get to really improve my skills and I probably wouldn't get published but the lab is really well k
  13. I got an email from one of the Mizzou POIs saying that he's been out of town and just starting to look at application for the cognition and neuroscience program. I think some of the non-clinical/counseling programs are still figuring stuff out. At least I'm hoping.
  14. Wow that is so annoying. I only got the email that they got my application together on the at 2 am on the 16th ?
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