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  1. if you have the money, i'd encourage you to go if you want to be able to compare them on equal footing. it's nearly impossible to catch the vibe or feel of the school through description or a current grad student who's being completely transparent imo What do y’all think about visiting when schools don’t have set visiting days? One of the programs I’m admitted to does not have a visiting weekend. I definitely want to go check out the city and campus, but I’m not sure how to approach the program. Should I email and ask if there’s a good time for me
  2. Yessssss.... I’m still waiting to hear from one! Maybe this week Then we’ll just wait.... and wait....
  3. I’m sure many schools operate differently, but I will let you know my waitlist experiences. Last year I was waitlisted at two universities and didn’t hear anything other than my initial waitlist status via emails in mid- February. For a month and a half I touched base with the programs once to affirm interest and check status, but I mainly had no contact and just waited. I thought April 15th would be the magical day to end all waiting! Nothing... On April 16th I couldn’t stand it any longer and reached out. Both schools said they were impressed (etc.) but needed more time
  4. @toxicmoss I think it’s so kind for you to think about others here! Speaking as someone waitlisted last year and this year at multiple schools.....this is your shot!! You worked hard for it, and you earned it!! Take all the time you need! Last year, I didn’t get my final rejection from a school until early May, after being waitlisted early February. The limbo is tough, but I’m genuinely excited for people when they get accepted and want them to make the best choice for them. Good luck!!
  5. Sorry @CaffeineCardigan! I was shut out last year but learned so much in the process! I hope you did and will try again next year if you’re not too busy on that land! For what it’s worth I’ve been Googling plots of land all week b/c of our convo last week! Good luck with everything!
  6. Thanks, @bfat for taking the time! I’ve been enjoying reading your responses to all of the questions, as well as, the other students sharing wisdom! We appreciate y’all!
  7. Thank so much for all your knowledge, @bfat! As a parent, my biggest concern about starting a PhD program is how to balance life with my kids. Do you have any suggestions or thoughts on this?
  8. Yes, that’s really cool! My husband would love to be completely self sustaining and speaks of it often! I’m always interested when I hear about people doing it!
  9. I loved this when I read it! May I ask if you have more info on this? How are you developing a plan for it?
  10. Hey guys!! I am on the waitlist at Tennessee! I noticed several on the results page. Anyone have details on their waitlist? Within their English department, there are three different concentrations. Are the waitlists different depending on the concentration? Thanks!
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