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  1. Hello all! I am currently thinking about sending in my unofficial gre english subject test scores (78%) to a waitlisted school via email to the DGS. No pictures, just plain text. They didn’t require the scores but here is what I am thinking. 1) I want to get an update on my status and don’t have a good excuse to contact them. I did once 3-4 weeks back, but the reply didn’t really mention anything I wanted to know. He basically replied that not attending the Open House for wtv reason will not hurt my chances. But I fear I will appear to be nagging if I ask again :S 2) I attended
  2. The small (I hope it is) waitlist movements that occurred over the past week revived my passion for checking the mail. While it may be unrealistic to ask at this point in the application process, it would be nice if the results page also stated whether they would be attending or turning down or etc.
  3. I'm curious to know if anyone heard anything from U of Southern California after the initial wave of notices. And perhaps any movement on the UNC-Chapel Hill waitlist :S
  4. 12 Rejections, 1 Waitlisted, and 1 Pending (IR). I'm trying my best to convince myself that I am a shutout and need to move on. But I'm here typing this out, refreshing my inbox and the results page every hour or so xD.
  5. Looking through a number of "from the waitlist" acceptances, it makes me wonder, when is it appropriate to consider the waitlisted university a rejection? Do they send out additional rejections for waitlisted students when they have no shot or do they have to simply wait it out until April 15th?
  6. I agree with all those who are giving advice on this issue. By no means should you pay for an MAPH if money is a factor in your decision. I myself will avoid them. Never did I suggest the op to go for the Chicago program over other funded MAs (I understand though that I may have been misleading in my choice of words). I said what I said because I don’t think it’s fair to have those who will be attending, as I am sure there are, feel like naive students who are either filthy rich or misinformed. If possible, I suggest the op contact current maph students at chicago and listen to what they
  7. I say go for it if you have the financial means. It's a great chance to meet new people, make connections, and expand your research interests. This is more so if you are an international student studying at an institution where english is not the primary language. I don't think all the negativity towards unfunded MA programs are entirely justified / necessary / serious. There is no shame in trying to get the best education you can (especially when you have no other choice available to you due to whatever circumstances). Edit: Not assuming the OP to be an international student. Just saying
  9. I find myself returning to this post every once in a while to read old posts and see if anyone added anything to it. Here’s a part of a song I have been listening to a lot this past month! It’s from Jason Mraz’s “Have It All.” May you have auspiciousness and causes of success May you have the confidence to always do your best May you take no effort in your being generous Sharing what you can, nothing more nothing less May you know the meaning of the word happiness May you always lead from the beating in your chest May you be treated like an esteemed guest May you
  10. Im wondering if people heard anything from NYU, USC, BU, and WashU aside from the acceptances and (edit) waitlists that have gone out in the first wave. I have seen some rejections and additional waitlists from a few of these schools but no news from them. Argh.
  11. Me: Professor, how were the rankings back in your day? (me looking through the 20-40 range) Professor: To be honest, I only applied to the top 10 schools and ended up having to decide between UChicago and Berkeley. True story xD
  12. Is there an applicant who has been waitlisted but invited to Open House meetings (and feeling like the open house is a quasi-interview)? What are the chances of waitlists turning to rejection or acceptance before the event, which is mid-March? I want to show enthusiasm and etc. but I am currently in an Asian country and the plane ticket alone would cost me around $1,200 for a decent flight ($700ish for a 25 hour flight...). I do not think I am willing to pay that much to visit a school will eventually reject me 😕 But if it will increase my chances of getting in, I will attend. I
  13. Here’s a question from a yearning heart! If a school already sent out acceptances and waitlists, would it be best to consider that school a rejection? I recently found out from the forums (I used to rely only on the results page) that U of Southern California sent out 12 waitlists, which was a painful moment, not having seen any on the results page. Also, the delay of sending out rejections makes one hope for a brighter future. But I prefer the guillotine.
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