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sending mediocre gre subject scores

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Hello all!

I am currently thinking about sending in my unofficial gre english subject test scores (78%) to a waitlisted school via email to the DGS. No pictures, just plain text. They didn’t require the scores but here is what I am thinking.

1) I want to get an update on my status and don’t have a good excuse to contact them. I did once 3-4 weeks back, but the reply didn’t really mention anything I wanted to know. He basically replied that not attending the Open House for wtv reason will not hurt my chances. But I fear I will appear to be nagging if I ask again :S

2) I attended college at a non-english speaking country, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they assumed I have some huge gaps in my understanding of literature. While 78% isn’t great, I think it will at least show them I have interest enough to take the test lol.

But the thing is, I fear the score is so low, to them, that they would rather UNconsider me. I would greatly appreciate any input.

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the score is fine, but if they didn’t ask for it, i’m not sure what you expect them to do with it? 

and it’s totally appropriate to check in again. reiterate your interest in the program and ask if there is any update. if there’s not, that’s ok, but just reaching out to touch base shows how interested in the program you are. 

good luck!

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