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  1. I know there doesn't seem like much rhyme or reason to the application and acceptance process but I've gotta think that if you got an offer this year, with another year of awesome-ness under your belt you'd get even more next time, if you decide to wait it out.
  2. About to sign the contract for my back up plan job...bitter sweet. Grateful for a good back up plan but it’s definately feeling harder than I expected to let go of the PhD dream for this year. Haven’t heard anything at all from my top two choices which isn’t helping on the closure front. How’s everyone else dealing with the disappointment? Congrats to everyone who has been successful this season!
  3. Anyone have any lovely stories about people getting surprise admissions after no interviews?? I've thought through all my options for the year ahead and now have my back up plan lined up and ready to go (trying to make the best of it!) but there's this 1 per cent of me that dreams I might still get in to my program and then that will screw the people involved in my back up plan, so I'm holding back a little and its feeling like super terrible limbo! #streamofneuroticism
  4. I emailed UC Irvine about a month ago to ask what was going on with apps - just got a reply this morning; "interviews occurred in mind-January but final decisions will be released closer to the end of March. Any communication about admission will be through email." So.... Do what you will with that! I have no idea
  5. USC results - come out, come out wherever you are..... #waitingformyrejection
  6. Just sitting in my office and looking out the window at my top school (I can see it from my desk) on the day they do interviews for my top program. Sigggghhhhhh. So close and yet so f-ing far! How’s everyone else dealing with their presumed rejections and disappointment?!
  7. Thank you. I needed to hear that. Massive congrats to you - hope it goes well!
  8. I am so here for this. My schools are already done with interviews or have posted interview days this week (which I am clearly not invited to) and still I cant let it go. Its like there's a little endless optimist/masochist deep down in my soul that keeps saying "hey, that next email will be the one!" - I need to see a firm rejection to kick start this mourning and moving on phase . If anyone is interviewing at UCLA on Friday congratulations - please tell me, that'll help nail the coffin on that one!
  9. Thank you! I think I needed to hear that to be able to start thinking about other things. Best of luck with your upcoming interview.
  10. Can someone help put me out of my misery please!? UCLA health psych interview date is listed as Feb 1st. I live in the area but even so that seems like it’d be crazy short notice to attend an interview if I haven’t heard by now, doesn’t it? Should I start accepting that as a rejection or still hold out hope?
  11. I got the generic Irvine email too ~ almost gave me a heart attack
  12. Oh jeez, my nerves! Just got an email from UC Irvine.... first excitement (maybe its an invite), then dread and near vomit (its probably a rejection), then I realized it was just a generic notification acknowledging my application. You are cruel Irvine, that's just cruel... lol Anyone else holding their breath on Irvine?
  13. This is torture. I can see one of my dream schools from my office. Arrrrggghhh. So much for distracting myself with work! Has anyone heard anything from UCLA’s health psych program yet???
  14. This response alone would easily make you one of the best therapy clinicians I know!
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