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  1. AllAboutThatEd

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    Applied: Temple University, University of Oregon, University of Central Arkansas, University of Northern Colorado, University of Kentucky [Interviewed: 2/5] [Waitlisted: 0/5] [Accepted: 1/5] [Rejected: 3/5] [Attending: TBD]
  2. AllAboutThatEd

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    As of right because of my skepticism of the site who listed the rankings I am adding an additional way to narrow down my choices. I will add that according to the best counseling degrees website links I shared much of the information such as statistics seem to be accurate when I research the individual schools, I just question how the rankings have changed dramatically within a year according to their two lists. So what I am currently using to compare my choices is US News & World Report and Forbes. Depending upon where your program is housed (College of Education, College of Arts & Sciences, etc.) look up the stats on both sites to get an idea. I specifically looked at rankings/stats pertaining to the College of Education, Psychology department, and research. So far that is the best method I have come up with, it really makes the decision easier for me since I have been stuck deciding between two schools. It's also nice to make sure what the university is advertising is the same as what other independent reports have compiled for the public.
  3. AllAboutThatEd

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    These are the only two lists that I have found from the same site, one is 2017 list another is 2018. Their list is compiled of only of schools that are APA accredited and NASP approved (I only applied to schools which had both, so might not be helpful if your school is not listed). Quite a few schools have dropped or risen significantly according to these ratings which makes this compilation questionable.
  4. AllAboutThatEd

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    Hey guys! I hope the interview and admissions process is treating you all well! It is stressful but hang there! I have been accepted into one of my top choices and just interviewed for another one of my top choices. I was curious...has anyone discovered a great list of rankings for school psychology programs or determined a method? I have found two lists ranking school pscyh programs but from there 2017 and 2018 there are significant changes in the list. I just want to know how my programs of interest stack up against one another. Is anyone else of unsure which program they will choose?
  5. AllAboutThatEd

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    Did anyone else apply to the University of Northern Colorado? Heard anything back yet? Is it recommended to do an in-person interview instead of skype? Do you think you will be penalized for choosing a skype interview instead of going to campus? I applied to the University of Northern Colorado, University of Oregon, Texas Woman's University, University of Central Arkansas, University of South Florida and Temple University. I picked two of the schools because I would have a strong support system in those locations. The remainder I chose based off of program philosophy (prevention and early intervention), access to diverse populations, faculty research interest and access to my desired population for gathering data.

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