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  1. Same, In past years they have, as not every professor interviews
  2. It seems USC did not release results today after all SMH... why say they would and then didn't that's just mean lol
  3. I would tell the graduate student about your immune system and your fear along with a get well package/card... They also know the stress and fear around interviews so I don't think she will be upset if anything this will allow her/him to focus on taking care of themselves instead of hosting.
  4. I just found out from grad advisor at USC most Psychology application results will be posted this Friday... good luck to everyone one of my top choices!
  5. CONGRATULATIONS I hope 5 years from now I am posting something similar... what's next for you?
  6. Hang in there, you are entitle to feel however you feel... And this is definitely a long process so we all experience all kind of emotions. Have you reached out to the graduate college asking for any funding opportunities? it is recommended to always negotiate, tell them you are highly considering attending but with no funding is impossible (explain why)... I am not familiar with the school but look for what normal funding options there are and ask for them or how you can qualify? If you feel you made a good impression with your future supervisor ask for their help or the department as well. The department should be interested in bringing the most competitive students to their program so they should help you fight for funding as well. I got my initial offer for some funding and pushed it now to fully covered tuition for 2 years, now trying to get more for cost of living (rent, etc)... I hope they are able to get you some money. Good luck!
  7. Man... so many people posting results good and bad for other majors at same schools and I am just here clicking refresh every 5 mins with only SPAM email... WHYY!!!
  8. I know, this waiting is the worst. I tried gym, yoga and meditation...lol
  9. Thank you yes that's what my logic was telling me, too good to be true, I just wish they will send their decisions already...
  10. Did you apply to Fafsa and put UC Irvine on your school list? I am starting to think this is separate from admissions department and FA department just sent it to everyone who applied fafsa w them... Congrats on getting interviewed I hope you get in! it would be crazy if I get in with no interview so this email is just playing with my emotions lol
  11. Did anyone receive an email from UC Irvine Financial Aid office to create your UCInet ID? I have not heard from UC Irvine at all and I thought interviews already happened and didn't get an email, so I am not sure if I am even still being considered, but this email gave me access to my "possible financial package" so before I start feeling hopeful I want to know if this was sent to everyone by mistake?????
  12. Same page my understanding, most schools will do an initial rejection wave (those that did not meet minimal qualifications like GRE gpa etc), then depending on the POI and how many applicants she/he has they will be saved. Interviews are done, people chosen and given admission but they still have to wait if they accept the offers if not they move on to the next round of applicants. SO my advice expect the best, prepare for the worst. The odds are very small but sometimes part of all this admission experience is also luck so just hang in there. "pending review" is still better than a no (i know it doesn't help with the anxiety but if you do get accepted it will all be worth)
  13. School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Concentration: Experimental Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 1/31/19 Notified by:by POI via text and then email from faculty
  14. EXACT SAME REACTION, i read it like 10 times to make sure i didn't miss anything... I am still hoping for them to give me a chance, good luck to you as well!
  15. Has anyone email school directly to ask status of application? Is it too early to do this? I don't want to annoy anyone but the waiting is killing me...
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