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  1. School: Florida International University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of Invite: 01/04/20 Type of Invite: Email from POI (message me for initials) Interview Date: POI emailed me to set up Skype interviews for next week
  2. Does anyone know when FIU's interview weekend is this year? I saw on the results page it was 2/10 or so last year... just wondering if anyone has intel on this thank you!!
  3. School: Oklahoma State University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 12/18 Type of Invite: Email from Director of Clinical Training with POI CC'd Interview date(s): 1/31 - 2/2 Message me for POI, too many of you to send each a message, but happy to answer!
  4. My invite was an either/or type. I was personally emailed by director of clinical training but my POI and another person were cc'd, it did seem to be a mass email copy/paste style in how the information was given and that we had to contact another email to let them know if we could make it. though my POI was directly mentioned in my email in that he is looking forward to speaking with me personally at interview weekend
  5. School: Virginia Tech Type: PhD Date of invite: December 13th Type of invite: Personal email from POI for official in-person interview. Interview date(s): February 13th-15th
  6. This is my second year of applying and I JUST TODAY got an interview invite via email from one of my top schools. Like a beyond skype interview. I received an interview invite last year from my top school /then/ but never received an invite for actual in person interviews because it turned out my picked out mentor for that school (nor my backup) were/could take a new student... my question here is... wow, it's only 12/13 ... how can schools review applications in 12 days??? I submitted all of mine halfway through November, but still! Plus I did cold-emailing and conference meet-ups, but wow, I am so impressed right now. Does anyone know the statistics behind how many people get invited for interviews and how many end up getting accepted after? I feel like I've passed one bar, but have many other higher bars now, to surpass! best of luck to you all!
  7. (some have had maybe one or two posters but for majority these schools I have not seen any post/any thing about them on results page): USC, suny-buffalo, UMass-Amherst, FSU, UMaryland-College Park; PennState and UAB have posted a couple times but nothing like some of the other schools. Guess its a big pool and this site is only a small percentage of those applicants
  8. Everyone is telling me to go ahead and accept that I just may not get into a school this year, but I cant help but feel its not too late (wishful thinking?) At the moment i have not heard a word from 6-7 places at all and their web status pages say they are still reviewing, and no one has posted anything about each of these schools on the results page, not a word at all! I guess my top choices dont care to browse this site blahhhhhh
  9. So, I got a “tease” email today from FSU, but they did say near the end that the reviewing process had begun. (I mean, quote me if I’m wrong but I do believe they only started school back this week—and on the app status page it says the deadline for freshmen notifications is 1/31) can anyone back this up? I haven’t seen anything posted on results page about FSU and am starting to worry. But the email today was optimistic, even if it was a generic material
  10. I have, and I do believe I was the poster on results section if you are mentioning the person who said they posted about two POI interview invites. After our interviews one poi told me that for clinical, they had just finished reviewing apps (this was last Monday) and the interview date is around the 8th or 10th of feb (he wasn’t sure). That said, I think each POI is taking this week and maybe next to get back to all potential interviewees. Sadly though, I do know for almost every POI I applied to work under (in clinical and child psych) they had less funding to admit new students. I had two interviews and got an email of rejection last Tuesday. One day after interviewing. However I knew my chances were slim, they are (these two specific poi’s) only able to take extreme “all stars”. It’s all about funding sadly. I was very dismayed but that’s the name of the game
  11. i have not heard anything at all from USC but I will share with you one little link that I randomly found wednesday--buried within USC's website. Its a listing of deadlines even when to expect interviews...I wish all schools had this kind of link https://psych.sc.edu/internal/clinical-community-program-admission-criteria --when do you think "mid-January" ends? lol
  12. for all or just the clinical psych phd program? Thank you for this information, have been wondering!
  13. Hi I noticed your post whole trying to find anything at all on this program! Have you heard anything new? I emailed the dept a day ago and they said that they (this one specific person) did not think they had sent out any interview inviites yet; however, I am still questioning because I know someone who applied there as well but for the counseling/school program and was invited for interview that will occur next weekend... Im hoping they have different interview weekends for each dept.
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