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  1. Hi! I've looked at quite a few threads for fully funded and partially funded psychology master's degree programs. Does anyone know of any fully or partially funded clinical psychology programs? A lot of the threads had responses of people who did not want to disclose their institution because they didn't want to be identified. If you feel comfortable, feel free to message me, or I can message you. I got into a great clinical psychology master's program in a past cycle. While they did offer a small assistantship, the program did not have tuition waivers or scholarships (tuition was quite e
  2. I have two separate questions for different schools. The application portal for a program that I have presumed rejection for updated two days ago to “Dept. Decision Made” after months of “To Dept. For Review”. How long until the letter becomes accessible? The wait is killing me lol. One program that I interviewed for notified us that decisions would be sent out on March 19th “after spring break”. Is it too much to call tomorrow to ask about the status? Also dying from anticipation lol
  3. Has anyone gotten a rejection from GaTech or U of South Carolina? Or anything?😅
  4. I will definitely search for airbnbs! Historically the university has been really good about funding students with the majority receiving aid that covers tuition and travel as well as assistantships.
  5. I need advice: The DCT from a university that I was invited to interview with sent out our interview schedules and dates last week. The interview is NEXT week. Next week is also midterms week for my university and because of the time crunch, the flight in itself is $600+. They are not funding the interview and we will be paying for our hotel lodging as well. This university is my top choice and a perfect match for my research but I just do not have the money to get there. After searching all around campus for any type of funding assistance, I am still empty handed. I asked the DCT if it w
  6. USC really has me confused this year. I’ve only seen 2 interview postings
  7. So I didn’t understand what type of beast I was tackling by applying to PhD programs. I only applied to 3 and presumed rejection for all after February 1st. Today I got an email notifying me of my first interview! I received an acceptance for a masters program and had decided it was my only option (a great option but still). There’s a little glimmer of hope now! I’m still waiting on the other two rejections though lol
  8. Haven’t heard a decision from USC. I contacted them a week ago and they basically said “you’re probably waitlisted”. 😂
  9. Same! I’m going to apply for masters programs, some RA positions, and a few job postings for clinical experience as well.
  10. Despite my presumed rejections... I finally took a leap of faith and contacted the psych departments at the schools I have yet to hear back from. I’ve gotten one response so far. I don’t know if anyone else is waiting on GaTech Cognition and Brain Science but here’s the response: Applications for the Ph.D. program are still being reviewed by faculty. If you are selected or denied you will be notified through the College Net system. Thank for contacting the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech.
  11. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hJFI7od93wXNHfLiUl0pv4lPUsueRmVg_6N85xgFQd8 Here ya go!
  12. Here I am... roasting in application purgatory lol. I’ve heard back from from 0 programs, not even a rejection. I’ve presumed rejection from all but one at this point. Can I follow up on the status of my application now (all were December 1st deadlines)? I just want closure ?
  13. Do I just assume rejection at this point in regards to schools I haven’t heard back from? Maybe there’s a waitlist possibility? I just felt like I was wayyyy out of my league this year. No rejections so far, no invitations either, just crickets and anticipation from every school lol.
  14. I’ve posted a few times about this but I haven’t really gotten any responses. Maybe there aren’t a lot of applicants on here. Has anyone heard back from the Cognition and Brain Science program at GaTech or the Clinical-Community program at U of South Carolina? I haven’t heard back at all and I don’t see any other posters, I’m literally losing it over here ?
  15. Aargghhhh. I’m trying to be patient and wait to call the department. Has anyone heard from GaTech’s Cognition and Brain Science program? I saw one acceptance on the result page. I know this program does not do formal interviews, you are notified of your acceptance and invited to recruitment weekend. I know recruitment weekend is in the beginning of February ?. Is it safe to assume that I am rejected this cycle? I did not stack up as far as GRE scores so I knew it was a stretch.
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