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  1. Hi! I'm also someone on the same boat. Not applying this cycle, but I think what you should consider is that even if you fall below average on the reported data, you need to remember that this is an AVERAGE of ALL accepted students. Meaning that while some will be above, others will be below. Don't discredit yourself just because you don't necessarily fit the bill. GPA is only one metric of admissions 🙂 good luck to you!
  2. This is cool and the first I'm hearing about it! I wonder how they will decide on admissions? Probably based on their pool of applicants? I think echoing off other people's sentiments, I would be most worried about internship matching, but I'm sure with the number of VA hospitals in California some connections are probably already in place. Thanks for sharing! Not going to apply this cycle but it would be cool to do a PhD not to far from my hometown!
  3. Does NonPOC just mean...white?
  4. Excited to hear about your new plans! I thought your insight on the prestige of law was interesting. It always confused me on why a lot of classmates wanted to practice law JUST for the prestige of becoming a lawyer, especially with the job market for them these days. I hope the career transition doesn't make you lose your passion for advocating for people, even if it is in a different capacity than what you first started out as. As for your initial post, I want to say a few things that might not be helpful at the moment. I think you really have to get the research experience from t
  5. Hello Everyone, always a pleasure to get help from everyone here. I am pretty much freaking out right now and have no one to turn to that would understand so any insight is appreciated. TL;DR: Next 2 years in either: A) full time research job bordering responsibilities of a lab manager in unrelated clinical psych research with opportunities for independent projects or B.) Non funded terminal master's program to compensate for low undergrad GPA I need some advice about what to do moving forward. Ultimately, I want to get into a clinical psych, possibly counseling psych PhD program. Ho
  6. Thank you for the suggestion! Always on the look for new potential PIs. Don’t be surprised if I take you up on your offer! Yes with the current climate I’m considering just even volunteering with a lab once human subjects research opens back up (in person). I COMPLETELY 100% agree with your standpoint, which is why I am heavily leaning towards not applying this cycle or even the next, even for “lower” programs. I know PhD admissions is never for sure but I’d be shooting myself in the foot if I applied to a top program right now. Those are programs I’d apply to if I felt as though
  7. Hi everybody! Thank you so much for your help. You guys are so awesome and good to know there's others with psychopathy interests out there! Most people give me weird looks but I think it's something that needs to be looked into more. The programs I feel have a good research fit are UNLV, Rosalind Franklin, U. New Mexico (match/lower reach?) UW Madison, UCSD/SDSU, CU Boulder, and Northwestern for high reaches. I am also interested in John Jay, Fordham, and Emory. There is also UBC Okanagan and Brock University in Canada if anyone knows anything about PI Dr. Angela Book, but I'm unsure wh
  8. Hello everyone! I am a psychology BA graduate (class of 2019) from a mid-level UC thinking about applying to PhD programs. That being said, last cycle I applied to terminal MA programs and only got an interview and acceptance into one, which makes me feel like I should wait until I have substantially more research experience. I want to research the evolutionary adaptivity of psychopathy, and its relationship to cognitive deficits & heuristics/biases. Maybe throw in some functional brain imaging in there too. GPA: ~3.4/ 3.6 psych GPA
  9. Currently, I am interested in a few different topics, but am kind of having a hard time finding literature or even the proper vocabulary to describe what I would like to study. The best way I can think about putting it is the development and cognition behind causal reasoning, particularly maladaptive biases related to causal reasoning. Ideally, this would be under a behavioral genetics (twin study) frame work. To elaborate, many people have trouble and extrapolate incorrect/illogical patterns from everyday observation and behavior, like in the cases of the gambler's fallacy or the post hoc fal
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