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  1. Relate to this so strongly. I'm not doing much, just finishing up some projects and papers that I'm passionate about and already secured housing. What's hard to let go is the feeling that you always have to do something. This whole process amped up my need for productivity so much that I'm relearning how to do nothing.
  2. Late to this but I have the "eBag" which I really like.
  3. Mine is. My letter of funding stated that it’s taxable. I would ask your school about specifics.
  4. VERY stressed out with apartment hunting and budgeting. Crazy how fast time is flying by. I should've spent more time celebrating the acceptance before stressing out about this, but it's hard not to.
  5. Hi~ I will be starting at UMN next Fall in the Psychology PhD program. The initial excitement settled down a bit and I'm trying to find an apartment and figure out budgeting (yikes). Hopefully there will be others on this forum in the same boat!
  6. Committed to University of Minnesota a few days ago!! Cannot wait to get started!
  7. Saw my first acceptance email after a 15hour flight. Pretty great.
  8. You should definitely email the coordinator or secretary to clarify. You have other much more important things to worry about! My interview school asked for my preference on all these points.
  9. That's me with Teacher's College. Thought it was Columbia U (where I'm actually applying) haha
  10. Same question! I received email from GS that he'll call soon (not yet tho...)
  11. @justacigarthat’s great tho that he’s more open! SO and I are both a bit neurotic and his line of work is tricky as well so the double stress isn’t helping. Can’t imagine the uncertainties getting any better with the uprooting expected for post doc and job search etc... Good luck to us both!
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