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  1. Kind of a silly question but when signing an admissions offer letter, is it okay to just sign with my full name? I dont know how else to sign a pdf document without printing it out, signing it with a pen and scanning it.
  2. Currently, I do want a TT position after post doc. My MA and PhD(whichever school i decide on) will be from R1 schools, though Not top rankings. I do want to a post doc at a top uni as I think that’ll help my cv when I apply for TT. Don’t know how practical I’m being tho.
  3. I do find it weird that there are some universities that have better rankings but are classifisied as R2 universities while some lower ranked universities are classified as R1. Which would be more important?
  4. This whole ranking thing is really getting to me. I understand that a more prestigious university looks great when applying to jobs, but is that really the best thing to base your decision on??
  5. @DyingInside @asurachm @Psyhopeful Thank you guys for your input!!! I'm still really so unsure about where to go. Is a higher ranked HDFS program better than a lower ranked, but still R1, Dev Psych program?? If I go by ranking, the HDFS seems better but I absolutely love all the research and collaboration going on at the Dev Psyc program, and I also loved the campus and everyone in the department. I'll be visiting the HDFS program next weekend so I'll finally get to meet everyone there. I never thought I'd even get more than one acceptance so I'm grateful AF but I feel so ove
  6. Hey guys, so I'm stuck between two schools. One is a human development and family studies PhD and the other is Developmental Psych PhD. The hdfs professor’s research is an EXACT match to mine but the dev psych is close and there are so many research/training opportunities available there. Location: hdfs is definitely way cheaper to live in but the dev psyc has the best weather and there’s more social life there. Also, my future career goal is currently to work in academia and have my own research lab. Idk if an hdfs degree will be limiting and/or tough to get an academia job with. What a
  7. Is it a bad sign if grad students/faculty in a school say that most students take out loans on top of getting the stipend bc of the city’s location? The faculty definitely agrees and understands that the stipend isn’t competitive and knows about the complaints but as an international student, I can’t even take out loans and idk if it’s normal for PhD students to take out loans bc the stipend is not great.
  8. All those who have gotten accepted to the HDFS program at Purdue, did anyone recieve an official acceptance from The Graduate School, or information on funding?
  9. For the last day of the interview weekend, the depatment scheduled breakfast on the beach. What would be an appropriate outfit to wear?
  10. This professor had told me in an email back in December that he developed a research program for his students that fit their interests, but that is still under the realm of his expertise. I'm just worried bc my main interests are a little far off from what his previous students worked on. Was thinking of pitching a project I could do that combines mine and his interests at the interview, but idk if that's appropriate to do.
  11. I was wondering if professors are generally okay with accepting students who want to take a different take on their research/expertise, like bring their own interests that the professor hasn't explored but still relating it to the professors research? hope that makes sense
  12. Thank you!! I'm so excited! It's a human development program but POI's research is an EXACT match to my interests
  13. POI emailed me a few days after a skype interview saying that the department faculty is recommending me for admission and that the graduate school will review my application more and give a decision in the few weeks. Also invited me to campus and said that the graduate school does accept departments recommendations, except in unusual circumstances. Does this mean I can finally breathe now or is there a chance that it can do downhill??
  14. Got a rejection email at 1 am from Ohio state. Deleted that email asap.
  15. Has anyone heard from the Phd program at University of Western Ontario (Canada)?
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