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  1. Seeking advice...this is my first time applying (clinical phd), and have had presumed rejections from 4/5 schools and 1 actual rejection from my top school - I'm limited in programs considering I'm pursuing a neuropsych concentration. I have years of specialized experienced in a lab, 4 publications and a conference symposium, a great psych GRE score (recommended since I majored in neuroscience rather than psych), and great professional and educational recommendations. I do have an average GPA and gen GRE, but my GRE scores expire this August (cool) so I will be retaking and anticipate doing mu
  2. Anyone else with a significant other who's applying to med school? So you both just come home from work and check your email a million times a night and share (or not) a pint of sea salt caramel halo top and watch Christmas movies and pretend like your lives aren't falling apart and the universe isn't going to separate you and everyone will live happily ever after with their PhD's and MD's? Yeah, me neither.
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