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  1. So I'm on the same page with UF, and I emailed my POI to check in and got confirmation that initial offers have been sent out. He mentioned we may have been notified if we were a high alternate but he wasn't 100% sure given that he is not on the admissions committee. I would recommend emailing Melissa Naidu for an update! Good luck!
  2. To the person who posted about getting a rejection email from Temple University, did you interview?
  3. This is just for UCSD/SDSU. I'm sure we'll hear if we don't get an interview, but probably not for a while in that case.
  4. I think their deadline to extend interview invites is Feb 1st! Hang in there!
  5. From what I've heard, they have met to review applications and have decided who they want to extend invites to, but I don't think invites have gone out officially yet. I believe they'll be coming out sometime very soon (perhaps next week?).
  6. I had 2 interviews last weekend on the east coast (so it was cold), and many women were wearing dark/black jeans with boots or flats and a sweater or nice shirt, and men generally had on dark jeans as well with a button-up top and nice shoes. It's not very formal!
  7. I have not heard back from WUSTL nor UT Austin. Didn't apply to any of the others!
  8. Just wondering if anyone has interviewed at UT Southwestern's Clinical Psych program before? I saw a post earlier about someone interviewing for a Nutrition Sciences Masters and said that process was brutal, and I've heard their Clinical PhD interviews are group interviews, so just wondering if anyone has any feedback or advice to help prepare! DMs are also welcome. Thanks in advance!
  9. Can the UT Austin poster (from the results page) also PM me their POI? Thanks!
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