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  1. School: Auburn University Concentration: Clinical Psychology Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 2/15/19 Notified by: Phone call from PI followed by email! Would love to know if anyone else will be a Tiger this fall, PM me!
  2. PsychGal

    Auburn, AL

    I am! War Eagle!
  3. Auburn University, Clinical Psychology PhD Program!
  4. Yes I feel you! Waitlisted for University of Nebraska-Lincoln, if you’re waitlisted too or holding an offer there let me know!
  5. Ahh it’s April 1st! Can’t believe we are now in the last two weeks of the waitlist
  6. Currently waitlisted for UNL and WVU, my top choice programs. Feel free to PM for POI, especially if you plan to decline! Thanks!
  7. Just one person's opinion, but I really think it would be best to still go. I completely understand it is not somewhere you currently see yourself attending, and that you would rather give the spot to someone else. However, it is too late for them to replace your spot should you now decline. Also, it may be seen as disrespectful to the people and program who put so much time and effort into making interview weekend happen, especially the graduate student who offered to host you for the weekend. I would say it's best in this case to stick to the commitment you made and try to go and keep an ope
  8. This is a great idea! Thank you for starting it! It will be helpful to us waitlisted for our top programs!
  9. To the person who just posted an acceptance to UNL they will be taking, could you please DM me your PI? Thanks & congrats!
  10. or when you know they met on Monday and still haven't heard anything...
  11. Has anyone heard form University of Nebraska Lincoln PI with initials DH? If you received the offer of acceptance from him please let me know so I can know where I stand, and congrats!
  12. To all UNL posters please DM me your PI! It’s my top choice! Please and thanks!
  13. PLEASE PLEASE DM me! Any and all UNL posters! This is my top choice!
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