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  1. Marketing (but it super informal so I don't think they have sent out official invite yet)
  2. I received an informal interview from MIT (one of my POI contacted me for 20 min chat) . No news from Uchicago Booth though.
  3. School: Washington University In St. Louis (WashU/WUSTL) Type: PhD Date of invite: Jan 13 2021 Type of invite: Official Visit Interview date(s): Feb 5 2021
  4. Hi, congrats! do you mind sharing your POI's initial? Many thanks!
  5. I applied to Uchicago and Columbia but haven't heard from them.
  6. so proud of myself for being able to contribute to this thread. (actually cried yesterday due to anxiety) School: University of Arizona Type: PhD Date of invite: December 17 Type of invite: E-mail invite from POI whom I reached prior to application Interview date(s): Feb 18-19
  7. International students can work as RA because they have OPTs. But I don't a lab is willing to sponsor foreigners to come to the states.
  8. Did anyone heard from Uchicago? especially the cognitive track?
  9. Can the Uchicago poster share their POI's initials? Getting anxious here
  10. Did anyone hear from John Hopkins? Is it a mass email?
  11. One of my recommendation letter writer submitted her letter to Columbia on Dec.15. I guess it means an auto-reject considering how early Columbia send out invite. I know it's my fault that my letter writer submitted her letter past due date for that long.. but still..
  12. When did you submit your applications? Did you get an email from Yale saying that your application is under review? I haven't received anything from Yale, but I am not sure if it because they auto-reject me or they haven't opened my application yet.
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