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  1. They seemed a bit unorganized to me (from what I experienced with them). So I would say you could still be optimistic!
  2. It could also be something like, they have to formally clear you out of their system before they can offer a spot to someone else? Just a guess
  3. I feel like graduate programs would appreciate it more if you take the time during senior year to pick up new things/skills through class or otherwise. I didn't have a great senior fall (last semester) but schools that later received those grades didn't reject me. The mostly just needed it to formally give me an acceptance.
  4. I know their acceptance rate was pretty low relative to other interview weekends. And I've been checking everywhere but still nothing. It's just weird that I've already heard back from everywhere else I've interviewed. Just not the first one.
  5. You've heard back from BU PIBS? I emailed with them back in January and have yet to hear anything...
  6. I emailed one the Columbia Biological Sciences program to ask about the status of my application and they said it was still under review. Yet I haven't heard anything about interviews or what not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Has anyone heard anything from Columbia Biological Sciences?
  8. I'm interviewing with them the last weekend in February. They contacted me about the interview the second-to-last week in January. Though their website says they're extending interview offers all the way until March. Hope this helps?
  9. I completely feel you on this one. Biology seems to differ so much from other fields. It's quite confusing (and frustrating) really.
  10. If a lot of people are flying into the airport in New Haven (which they probably are), they're going to be making connections in Philly because that's the only airport it goes too
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