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  1. yeah, i was pulling over 12 hour days because of the exam..but i think since i go in so early to avoid traffic, my days are going to be long regardless especially since class takes up about 2 hours or so of my time. i'm sorry about your car and that you couldn't sleep at home where exactly in the office did you sleep? was it a bit comfy at least?
  2. yeah, i'm on campus from 7:30 to 6ish most days and that's between class, lab and studying. so..it's a lot. last night i was so exhausted and since i took my exam yesterday i thought i'd treat myself to extra sleep. i got like..8 and a half hours? and i'm just dragggggging today. not a good idea.
  3. first exam today! 3 parts because we were taught by 3 different professors..which was interesting. also question: what's you all's stance on going to an undergrad association as a grad student? there's a panel going on tonight but it's put on by the undergrad lgbt organization..and i'm really interested, but don't know if i'd be the weird 'old' grad student in the room.
  4. I guess I'll be the person that speaks up about this, but...all your posts seem really off (for lack of a better word). It seems really condescending..like everything you're saying seems really condescending. Before branching into relationships, I think you should work on just basic social interaction with people first because you kind of lack a little bit of empathy, respect, and tact. Just my two cents. P.S. why even hook up with people you find repulsive? A pity fuck? Cause that's pretty gross on your part.
  5. i'd say add Vanderbilt to your list, but i'm biased.
  6. yay for unpacking! sorry you're not feeling so hot. i feel you on the 3 day weekend thing though.
  7. nope! we don't declare thesis labs/departments until next april for my program. also once we get into that department, it's around a year or so until the qualifying exam is. so i have about a year and a half until i actually meet with my real thesis advisor..
  8. yeah, idk. she seems so considerate in other regards, but in this regard it's like..what? i don't know. i'm already formulating my leaving statement when the lease needs to be resigned next year. i hate moving and am already dreading having to pack my shit, but i can't do this for more than a year.
  9. are your LORs and SOPs good? those can make a world of a difference.
  10. it just blows my mind that she hasn't offered anything at all. also, boxes of her stuff are STILL unpacked in the living room/dining room. haven't budged since we've gotten here..
  11. thanks @rhombusbombus and @sjoh197! i think i'm too nice, but i really need to stop being that way...dishes from like three days ago of hers were still in the sink last night, and I didn't wash them..i just washed around them. i really don't want to be mean, but yeah I'm no one's mom and shouldn't have to be dealing with this.
  12. i really can't take this alarm thing.. we drive in together so i'm going to ask if she like...doesn't hear her alarm in the mornings.. also i think i'm way too nice? she keeps common areas a mess and I've not spoken to her about it...i will wash her dishes and clean after her without a peep. she drives in with me (because she said she didn't want to pay for a parking pass) but hasn't offered anything for the pass itself or gas.. i've been the only one to take out trash when it's full, while she'll put things on top of the can instead of taking it out. leaves oven pans on the stove to
  13. it was good! she's sweet and we had a lot in common, so I'd definitely be interested in meeting up with her again. there's a grad student social at the lgbt center on campus tomorrow and we'll probably run into each other there.
  14. light alarm is fine!! super chimy alarm is a whole 'nother story.
  15. can we talk about people that let their alarms run without hitting snooze (ahem, my roommate)?? WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS??????
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