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  1. @harshingig The community on here is just trying to pass the time and vent about a topic that they may not feel comfortable discussing with their peers in real life. You are also willingly on this forum and, if you feel this forum is no longer useful to you, you are welcome to leave. Instead, you choose to post a judgmental comment that is not only condescending, but hypocritical. I sincerely hope this attitude does not "carry over into your research career", since science thrives on respectful communication, which your comment significantly lacks. And yes, for the purpose of this grant it is
  2. Is anyone going to USC tomorrow? (: I look forward to seeing you there!
  3. Hey guys! I applied Stanford Mic/Immunology and saw one interview invite. Is it bad form to email them now and ask if all invites have already been sent out? Thanks!
  4. Really? As someone who does benchwork, I didn't feel like AGradStudentHasNoName came off as entitled. Many labs at my institution hire a biocomp individual to help analyze data after benchwork is complete. Having someone specialize in just data analysis really makes the process more efficient and increases the likelihood of the analysis being correct since thats their specialty. Plus, they can work more on the data analysis since they aren't generating. Just my two cents!
  5. I applied too! No word yet, but it looks like it past years interviews weren't released until January.
  6. Same boat as you :/ I was thinking about emailing them in a few days just to see. I hate how schools don't just email you a rejection if you're not selected to interview. >:(
  7. I think someone else said UCSF BMS is tomorrow! USC PIBBs sent (some?) interviews out a few days ago. Not sure if theres more to come though or if you didn't hear on Friday to assume you won't get an invitation.
  8. Is Hopkins neuroscience invitations rolling or today only? If I don't hear by the end of the day should I just assume I didn't get an interview and move on? I guess it wouldn't hurt to call either....
  9. Does anyone know the admissions statistics from UCB after interview?
  10. When is it considered appropriate to email a school and ask for an update on interview invites? USC Pibbs is one of my top choices, and I saw one name come up on the survey.
  11. I think theres a couple people from the 2016 thread that had very similar situations to yours. I can't remember their usernames off the top of my head, but I remember one individual saying he had numerous years industry experience and if he didn't get in he would just stay at his cushy job in biotech. I think he ended up being very successful though, so I would go look at the 2016 thread! I personally think the only slight concern might be that the LORs were from post-docs instead of PIs. Did the PIs co-sign? Your stats look amazing though so I'm sure you'll do excellently this cycle!
  12. cmykrgb: I applied the 28 as well. Fingers crossed for both of us!
  13. Has anyone heard from Vandy IGP? I saw one name on the survey list for IGP, but in the previous years during their second wave a lot of people reported hearing about interviews, not just one. Congratulations to everyone who is already hearing back! I'm jealous haha.
  14. Has anyone heard from Vandy IGP? I know last year they started their first wave right around this time.
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