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  1. The maintenance announcement is up! Hopefully we will know tomorrow!
  2. NSF wouldn't be open on Easter Sunday. I'm banking on a Friday announcement at the earliest.
  3. I don't see anything. Assuming based on username it's an April Fool's joke.
  4. The anticipation would absolutely distract me. Has it already been hard for you to get work done with the existing anticipation (like it has been for me)? If so, it will most likely be worse when the results come out.
  5. I wonder if that was really a Saturday?
  6. Will this be the latest release date in the past 17 years, as the application due date used to be later?
  7. Unfortunately, not all professors have their students' best interests at heart. It's just a matter of coping with it at this point.
  8. Thank you, I needed to hear this. Basically - she said it would be disappointing if I didn't get it and then went on and on about everyone else in the lab getting HM, and how based on what they've done I should get it too. It couldn't be more clear that not getting HM will strongly affect how she thinks of me, especially compared to her other students. I mentioned how it largely depends on reviewers and she kept countering it with "BUT so-and-so and so-and so, etc. all got HM though". I don't think she really gets it. I really hope so. If I don't get it, i'm going to have to work double as hard to prove to my PI that i'm not an unqualified idiot. Hopefully my hard work shows her i'm capable and she doesn't dwell on my not getting HM. Thanks for understanding. She has said i'm doing well, but based on what she said it seems like not getting HM will change her mind on that. She seems to think the process isn't arbitrary. This isn't the first time she's lacked empathy towards me or the other students in our lab. I'm dreading what will happen if a really stressful event like a death in the family happens during grad school.
  9. Just have to vent...I had a meeting with my advisor yesterday and mentioned the anxiety over waiting for NSF results and how it's been harder to be productive. She rolled her eyes and told me to "suck it up" and that any anxiety is not an excuse to let my work be affected (even though I have been submitting everything on time). Then I (mistakenly) mentioned being nervous because everyone who was eligible in my lab got HM, and she went on talking about how all of them had the same or less qualifications than me and got HM, so she made it clear that she expects me to get at least Honorable Mention and will be really disappointed in me if I get nothing. Cool, thanks for being empathetic!! Now my anxiety is even worse.
  10. Waiting for a maintenance notice on fastlane after YET ANOTHER week of nothing like...
  11. How much do you want to bet that a maintenance announcement won't come by the end of today?
  12. Just saw this and it reminded me too much of when I submitted my GRFP app...
  13. So if we don't get a maintenance notice by tonight, that means next week at the earliest, right? I read that notices were posted 2 days in advance in previous years.
  14. Does anyone else suspect the results might be released next week instead of this week? Or am I just too used to waiting at this point?
  15. I know it's largely a shot in the dark, but I don't think that will prevent my advisor from being disappointed in me if (aka when) I don't get it. Also, Ford isn't really up my alley. I do a lot of outreach, but diversity isn't at all a research interest of mine. I'm also not the type of Hispanic they want applications for - they are looking for Mexicans/Puerto Ricans, but I am neither of those.
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