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  1. FWIW I've rejected all offers/waitlists and will be attending Stanford. Thank you guys for making this process less stressful!
  2. Definitely! I've declined WashU and Rochester -- I'm CP and Methods if that information will help anyone. But the imposter in me still says " Who are you to decline ?"
  3. Have you all started declining offers of admission yet?
  4. .. Per insider info, the Gov department hasn't announced anything. HKS has tho. I would take whatever you see posted with a grain of salt, especially on the results thread and from user's who's first post is claiming a Harvard acceptance. I'm about 99% sure they are PSR trolls.
  5. Anyone claiming the Columbia and Stanford admits?
  6. Received a phone call at 1pm EST. Official letters is on its way (snail mail).
  7. I wouldn't assume so. Maybe it'll only be the CP subfield. Im not sure how they release admissions decisions.
  8. Thanks a bunch! Hoping you'll hear some good news tomorrow also!
  9. Yes! Formal notifications will be sent tomorrow.
  10. Official notifications will go out tomorrow.
  11. I’ve been accepted! Informal notification from POI
  12. Good luck, the site says we should hear back by the end of Feb, but I'm hoping to hear back on Friday.
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