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  1. @Account6567 it's that cheap. Definitely don't commute from the suburbs, as you will end up paying more for gas/car depreciation than you would save in rent.
  2. School Name: NYU Subfield: Political Economy Funded/not funded: Funded Type of funding (fellowship or assistantship or combination): Fellowship
  3. It's possible (even likely) that the holdup is because they are considering offering you admission to the MA program.
  4. Anywhere in Hyde Park proper is safe. The streets are numbered to increase from north to south- that is, 53rd and 57th are north of 61st, and are therefore in the "safe zone," so to speak. Look at google maps if you don't understand what I mean. Definitely keep the office hour topic of discussion discipline-focused, and respect their time. But it doesn't necessarily have to be on the course material itself.
  5. I was not in MAPSS, but went to U of C for undergrad, and ended up taking a few graduate political theory seminars that were heavily populated by MAPSS students. I also was admitted to MAPSS afterwards, but decided not to attend. Here are my thoughts on the questions I feel I am qualified to answer: I know that we will have to figure out our own housing and (to the best of my knowledge) there isn't any student hosting for MAPSS. Do you have any suggestions on good places to stay for a few nights? (Hotels, couch surfing websites, etc.?) I would recommend AirBnB, as the local hotels a
  6. I know a fair amount of people who did CIR, and most of them got into their top choices for the PhD. The main downside is the cost, but that seems to be negated in your case Feel free to PM me if you'd like any more details, or have any questions about the other UChicago stepping stone master's programs (MAPSS, MACRM, etc.). Overall, it seems like they can help boost admissions chances, but not always so much that they are worth the time and money costs. Cheers!
  7. Ok, so it looks like my cycle is over. Cheers! Type of Undergrad Institution: Top 5 US Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science Undergrad GPA: 3.74 (3.91 in polisci) Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 170 V, 164 Q, 4.5 W Any Special Courses: Calculus I-II-III, Linear Algebra, Applied Regression Analysis, Statistical Theory and Methods, Game Theory and Economic Applications, research design, 2 graduate courses in political theory Letters of Recommendation: Two senior, very well-known profs, one formal theorist who supervised my BA thesis and one theorist who taught me for a PhD seminar, one
  8. Yale mid-late feb, Harvard last few days of feb or first few days of march
  9. They do, according to my POI's CV (he was it for some time). yeah, i did see that posted rejection for peg. i guess we'll just have to wait and find out
  10. They said it was an email, and didn't specify which program (Harvard or Harvard PEG). Taking history into account, it seems very unlikely that so few acceptances would be posted, and even unlikelier still that no one on here would claim at least one. But I could be wrong!
  11. I'd be surprised if Harvard did at this point as well
  12. Re: Harvard, it seems again odd that some admits are reported, yet they're staggered (sort of) and have different notification methods, and no one has claimed them. Very similar to the suspected Columbia trolling that occurred before decisions finally went out yesterday...
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