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  1. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    I was previously with HTH Insurance. Now they seemed to have changed it to UHCSR (UnitedHealthcare StudentResources). Either ways, doctor appointments and stuff are available at all medical facilities around the area. Campus and out of campus. You can just walk in to any healthcare provider and show your student card and insurance card, and get services.
  2. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    I would suggest sometime in Summer, (May-July), where students are mostly moving into new housing, or are looking for room mates to move into new housing as well. But you should start looking out the moment you have your email and join those Facebook groups.
  3. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    Hi Charlie Moon, do you mind having room mates? If you do not mind having room mates, it might be useful to find off campus housing (that might be near to shuttle bus stations that can bring you to school). There are a few UB Facebook groups you can join to look for such options. (You will need to have a UB email associated with your Facebook account to access those) Here are some examples: https://www.facebook.com/groups/263497677085862/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/223180237784273/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/222079761227654/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/22
  4. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    No problem at all @raul.carmo. Glad I could help. Well, it is indeed true that South Campus is more accessible to more places of interest. As the South does have proximity to the bus terminals that you can take Greyhound buses to NYC or many other places. Greyhound Schedule here: http://bustracker.greyhound.com/stops/150249/Buffalo_NY But, the South Campus is close to downtown living, there are plenty of bars, pubs, and party houses around the area. Along with that comes the issue of crimes and disturbances that are caused to people living there. You can refer to CrimeReports for inf
  5. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    Hello there @raul.carmo. I did my undergraduate at SUNY Buffalo, so I may be able to help you out here. And you are definitely right, the frigid winters can catch you off guard if you are not prepared for it. Be ready to wear snow/hiking boots, and warm jacket almost everyday during your studies (except for summer). An average meal in Buffalo can vary for $5 to $20, depending on what you want to eat. You can order Pizza from Papa John's all day for crazy cheap, or choose to cook for an entire week in the freezer, or even eat out everyday in school. There are major supermarkets in the area that
  6. Waitlisted at UW-Milwaukee. If anybody has an offer elsewhere and is not intending to go to UWM, I hope you could decline soon. Thank you. I truly appreciate it.
  7. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    You can also consider Flickinger Court apartments along the Chestnut Ridge Rd as they have graduate housing too, with shutter bus to and fro UB North if I'm not wrong. When I did my undergraduate in Buffalo, I stayed off-campus in the Willow Ridge estates (also along Chestnut Ridge) and drove to school with my group of friends in the same major and program (pooled in for a car and carpool everyday). But I had some friends getting Flickinger Court housing as well.
  8. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    Oh, nice! I previously did my Bachelors at the UB School of Management few years back before returning back to my home country for my Masters. Looks like I might be headed back to Buffalo this Fall again
  9. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    Haha, yes. I left my browser tab on this page to see if anyone else will update on Buffalo, NY in this cycle, and happened to see your reply. What program are you applying to at Buffalo?
  10. Positivist

    Buffalo, NY

    @meghan_paleoclimate I got accepted into Buffalo for Fall 2018, PhD in PolSci. Can't wait for semester to start already. P.S. The above post you replied to was from March 2015.
  11. @skhann It is true for the other schools, there were cases where people do get accepted without interviews and some have been rejected even after interviews. (Once again, idiosyncratic to each profile.) But for Vanderbilt's case, I have to say that they are very specific about interviews. As mentioned in the DGS email about their timeline of applications, "3. Week of Jan. 29: Admissions committee meets again to discuss and review each subfield’s “long short-lists.” Coming out of this meeting we will then move to stage two in which we schedule phone or Skype interviews with those appl
  12. I think, it might be attributed to weekends being non-working days. Moreover, if admissions were already done with decisions in the first place, it seems strange for them to actually schedule email blasts on a non-working weekend and instead do it immediately or on workdays. But, there is still a minor chance that rejections might get sent out over weekends or ungodly hours due to the generic nature of such notifications that does not necessitate any immediate response from faculty should there be any questions from rejected applicants. Well, I may be wrong, but this are my experienc
  13. Claiming that acceptance from SUNY-UB! Received acceptance email from Graduate Director of program, with full tuition coverage and stipend. Details about funding to come in the week or so after confirmation from Dean of College of Arts and Sciences! Finally, first confirmed funded offer from a school! Whew... Wishing everyone else good luck, and more application news the coming week!
  14. Oh! I see what you mean now! In my memory, there were students for every department when I applied to it (including PoliSci). But looking at the site now, the department has indeed did some update on the system, and many of the other "current students" that I saw for my program were also no longer listed! I am not sure what is going on too. Perhaps give it a few more days and you should see some "new" faces there.
  15. I had applied to UTD (PhD in Public Policy and Political Economy) on November 30th , and was notified on December 14th via email from the School of Economic, Political, and Policy Sciences that I was admitted. Official acceptance letter came on December 15th. The deadline for UTD was January 15th for the program, that's why I was quite surprised about the timeline as well. I suspect they do rolling reviews of applications as they come in. So I think your admission is definitely possible.
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