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  1. Media/Film studies applications

    For those considering UC Irvine Visual Studies: has anyone else noticed (and found it odd) that they don't seem to require a statement of purpose? Am I missing something? Have never before come across a program that doesn't want one.
  2. Does anyone have info on or experience with this (apparently new) program? I've been looking primarily at PhD programs in visual studies, but would love to consider a master's if funding can be found--and it looks like assistantships are available here, but I'm not sure how widely. Any thoughts on this program would be appreciated!
  3. Where are you applying to and why? 2017

    GPA is not the most important factor in MFA admissions, although some programs will request that applicants meet a certain minimum requirement (this could be for the cumulative GPA and/or GPA in English classes). The other thing to look out for will be the admissions requirements of each university's graduate school--in other words, what's required of applicants to all graduate programs offered by a university. From what I have seen, it's quite common for grad schools to require at least a 3.0, though I'm sure there are places out there with lower minimums.
  4. Fall 2017 MFA

    Is anyone else waiting on Indiana??
  5. Fall 2017 MFA

    @manandcamel I've yet to hear anything from Indiana, Alabama, Notre Dame, and UW-Seattle. Assuming most (if not all) of those are rejections--for maybe a month now, I've just been operating under the assumption that I've been shut out this year. I'm somewhat aware of the notifications that have gone out, but admittedly stopped my obsessive checking of the GC results page some time ago to preserve some of my sanity. I feel pretty okay about things at this point, and have other opportunities in my life to be excited about, so it's fine. How's your application season going?
  6. Fall 2017 MFA

    Yep, got my rejection yesterday. Definitely bummed, but also glad to see this application season coming to an end so I can move on and decide what to do next. Still waiting on a few more schools.
  7. Fall 2017 MFA

    Me! Haven't heard from them yet, but god, I'd love to go there.
  8. Fall 2017 MFA

    I was considering LSU fairly seriously, but ultimately decided not to apply. Coming across the Tumblr was part of that, but there were other factors, too (location being a big one). Will definitely be keeping an eye on the Tumblr page you shared, if, as expected, this season doesn't end well for me (and if I decide to apply again).
  9. Fall 2017 MFA

    Thanks for sharing! While researching programs to apply to, I discovered that there's also a Tumblr like this for LSU specifically .
  10. Fall 2017 MFA

    Yeah, "utterly defeating" is a way I'd describe this experience as well. If I'm shut out this season, I will definitely apply to grad school again in the fall, but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to go through MFA admissions again (my undergrad major was in another field, and I have long considered pursuing graduate studies outside of creative writing). I've found that allowing myself to explore my options beyond the MFA (both academic and otherwise) has done a lot to ease the anxiety and feelings of inadequacy that this process has brought about. I did not, but came close--honestly, the main reason I didn't is that I couldn't bring myself to pay another $100 to apply somewhere that would probably just reject me, lol.
  11. Fall 2017 MFA

    I'd do the scholarship as well. Who knows the ways in which an experience like that could shape your writing? Either way, congrats, @pdh12, on your success this season! It sounds like no matter what you choose, you've got some great times ahead of you.
  12. Fall 2017 MFA

    I'm a bit late on this, but congrats! Hope it works out for you!
  13. Fall 2017 MFA

    @BLeonard thanks for the support! Hope you enjoy your vacation and that you receive some good news soon.
  14. Fall 2017 MFA

    Nothing but rejections over here, which has been pretty hard...I knew going into this that there was a possibility I wouldn't get in anywhere, but now that decisions are coming back, it feels much more real. Still waiting on several schools, but not feeling optimistic, and have already started thinking about the next application cycle and whether or not I'd want to subject myself to this particular kind of hell again. I'm wondering how everyone's reading and writing habits have been impacted by this process. I've started a few new pieces recently, but for the most part, I find myself wanting to do things that allow me to think about something other than poetry (mine or anyone else's).
  15. Fall 2017 MFA

    Finally rejected from Minnesota. There goes my dream of being close to Paisley Park.