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  1. I will be declining an offer from Kansas State for their English MA (cultural studies track). Hope this helps someone!
  2. Kansas State MA

    @nooorebecca did you apply to Bowling Green for English? I went with American studies--K-State is actually the only English program I applied to; I'm really more into interdisciplinary work, but the presence of a cultural studies track and the promise of funding makes this an intriguing option for me.
  3. Kansas State MA

    Thank you for posting this; it's great to get a more recent perspective on the program. @nooorebecca I was also accepted into the cultural studies track, but am weighing some other options as well--thank you for starting this thread!
  4. American Studies Cycle 2017/2018

    Accepted to the MA program at Bowling Green, but waitlisted for funding...hoping the money comes through, since BGSU would be such a good fit.
  5. American Studies Cycle 2017/2018

    I'm still waiting to hear back from 5/10 places I applied to. I'm assuming there are a couple rejections in there, but there are also a couple I still feel optimistic about. Regardless, I've already gotten a few acceptances with funding, including one of the American studies programs I applied to (the MA at Alabama), so I'm totally content.
  6. Brown Modern Culture and Media

    Just got my rejection. A little bummed, not at all surprised, happy to have received offers elsewhere and to still have other decisions forthcoming. Congratulations to anyone who got in!
  7. Media/Film studies applications

    @spicyramen congrats on the acceptances! Hope you hear more soon! I've already gotten accepted to a few MA programs with funding, so I'm thrilled, honestly. Still waiting to hear back from six places, including all the PhD programs I applied to (Brown, Rochester, UC Irvine, UCSB).
  8. Media/Film studies applications

    @CulturalCriminal best of luck! Hopefully you'll hear something soon!
  9. Brown Modern Culture and Media

    Yeah, that's what I've been anticipating. I am entirely prepared to be rejected, but oh my god, what a dream program...
  10. Media/Film studies applications

    How's everyone's application season going? I've gotten a few acceptances so far (in American studies/gender studies), but haven't heard anything from the film/media/visual studies programs I applied to.
  11. Brown Modern Culture and Media

    It's my top choice. Haven't heard anything yet.
  12. American Studies Cycle 2017/2018

    Hey all, I'm applying to a mix of interdisciplinary programs, including a couple for American studies (Alabama and Bowling Green). Best of luck to everyone, and congrats to those who have already received good news!
  13. Media/Film studies applications

    Yeah, it's a bit odd--I have started the application since my original post, and you're right, there is a space for the SOP, but there's no mention of it on the program's website.
  14. Fall MFA 2018

    As @HookedOnPhonix mentioned, asking for recommendations for this many programs is totally acceptable--your professors have done this before and know what to expect. I asked for upwards of a dozen when I was applying to MFAs. Just make sure you give them ample time to write (I've read that three months' notice is ideal) and that you maintain good communication throughout the process.
  15. I would just send a brief email, something letting them know you're getting ready to apply and asking if they're still willing to do the LOR. If you discussed the issue with them as recently as last semester, it shouldn't be a big deal. Just make sure to provide them with whatever materials they need (including each program's deadlines!) and let them know you appreciate the effort.