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  1. I’m in the same boat! Rejected: Duke (Officially), Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Chicago, MIT (Presumably) Interview: Berkeley (No word in over a week so should just add that to the top) Waiting: Stanford, NYU Was nice to dream!
  2. Ugh I stan that meme so hard. Had an interview at Berkeley and then radio silence which is driving me crazy. Sitting on one hard reject from Duke, and I am just assuming soft rejects from all the rest.
  3. Hahaha I know that feeling! Congrats! Here’s to hoping not *EVERY* Chicago interview has gone out.
  4. This wait is pretty killer. Sitting on an interview and a HARD rejection right now, so can’t even judge the gauge of how this whole process will end up
  5. Sorry! I don’t know why I used the word disagreement. I meant to say just that I only saw the one MIT result, so I always assume it’s spam when it’s only one. Congrats on the KH interview! No clue how that process works but it’s definitely competitive.
  6. With all due respect, the result you linked to didn't exist when I posted. Seeing as this is your only post, and in years prior multiple people have posted, it's probably spam. ? And If MIT did notify, it wasn't before I posted so I'm afraid it is still not a valid disagreement, as you intended it. Grad programs almost never notify on Fridays, Saturdays, for obvious reasons. If MIT has notified, we would likely have more than one result to go on. Also, MIT has historically not posted so early, so I can't help but assume your post is spam.
  7. Hey Mof, That’s weird, see rejections but no interview invites, but schools almost never send out no’s before Yes’s. So I’m assuming the on-campus interview invites went out. I could have sworn I saw some posted as well. But Emory invites their short list to campus as part of the selection process, and chooses the finalists based on that weekend, so for logistics purposes they send out those invites quite early.
  8. Hahaha no there’s no way! You know the second someone gets an interview at Harvard they’re gonna let EVERYBODY know.
  9. Is it just me, or was this a pretty quiet week for admissions? I imagine the next two weeks will be intense.
  10. Hey, You can add: Emory (notified about two weeks ago and on campus interview is part of admissions) Stanford (hasn’t notified yet) Chicago (hasn’t notified yet) MIT HASTS (hasn’t notified yet) Columbia (hasn’t notified yet)
  11. Hey Nervous, Just revisit your statement of purpose and make sure you can talk about what’s in it verbally. It seems the adcomm is composed of people that are independent of the PoI you wrote to work with, and so the email likely came from DGS. Additionally, it’s only a 15 minute interview, and they’re requesting it because they already like what they read, so if you give them a little more of that I’m sure it will be fine. Ive heard they like to poke holes in people’s work, and can be intimidating, but that wasn’t my experience with them. They even smiled at some point. Good luck!
  12. Hi Anzi, Honestly there’s no way to know. There seems to be a rolling process with them, as they sent out some invites last Friday and were conducting interviews even as new notifications for new interviews were going our. This is one case in which I’d say not to take no news as bad news.
  13. Hmm... I don’t know if I trust anything further back than 2016, just because departments/ adcomms/ admissions change so much over the years. And it was definitely worth applying. As one of my professors says (about grants): you can’t win if you don’t play.
  14. Hey Alligator, I was trying to parse this out myself. I’ve been through the results page way more times than is proobably healthy, and it doesn’t seem like NYU clearly interviews for sociocultural or linguistic, but that they interview for biological seems pretty consistent. Fingers crossed? I’ve got my hopes on that one too.
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