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  1. Yea this is definitely an acceptance/award email. I was worried about the ambiguous language but my advisor confirmed as well. Congrats!
  2. Last year it seems like the winners from the cycle heard around the 16th, so I’d forecast this year will be around the same, unfortunately for all of our nerves/ anticipation.
  3. Hey attempted_academic, I understand that can be a super stressful position. I TA’d my first four years of grad school. However, you’re in good company. I know a lot of grad students at UC that, TA at first, and sometimes the whole way through. and while it’s hard, they often make it through, get more practice writing for grants (out of necessity), and have great teaching skills to boot. It’s not ideal, but don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world.
  4. Honestly, the NYU option sounds like your best bet. From an global perspective NYU does not have the instant name dropping value of Columbia maybe, but the difference is so negligible and all of their advanced degrees are highly, highly respected and their PhD students get fantastic jobs. I’m doing my PhD in anthropology, and our hiring committee would take both of those PhDs, especially from the right candidate, evenly.
  5. I feel like this one is the toughest because you have the least ability to tell whether you’re still in the game or not
  6. None here! Actually nothing since January 14th it says. Likely In the next week though? I saw a few posts from last year that were from around 4/30.
  7. Hi Evergeen, thanks so much! fingers crossed! There's so few of these fellowships for so many people, I don't know how the whole system doesn't collapse in on itself.
  8. The WG double questions is hard! I'm stressing over it myself now.
  9. Hi Evergreen, This is my first year even being exposed to the fellowship, so I'm not sure. But my email said, "If you decide not to take this fellowship, please let us know as soon as possible." So it sounds like they urgently want to offer it to the alternates.
  10. Notified of award at 9am Eastern Time today. Just a heads up on the timeline/ expected date for future applicants.
  11. Apparently it’s a multistage review process. First the proposals are reviewed by the independent reviewers, then the high scoring one have to be “pitched” to a higher body for final approval. The ones that don’t make it to that final stage are released once it’s official that they didn’t. It gives them the most time for revisions.
  12. so brutal. Apparently the proposal review panel is today and tomorrow where they pitch the proposals to the directors. Hopefully no news yet is good news 🤞🏼.
  13. Any word on this one? Emailed them around March 31st and they said ASAP. The wait is brutal.
  14. Any word on this? Fresh off a final round rejection from SSRC and the wait is brutal.
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