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  1. As far as I can tell the uGPA is the only thing lacking. How many post bacc classes contribute to that impressive 3.9? Great GRE score... you are also a little out of college and have good research experience. I would suggest throwing in some PhD programs, if that is what you want to do/end up. The uGPA may hold you back, but you never know...
  2. Hey, 2017 cycle peeps! I thought that I would make a general post here to just lay out some of my thoughts on applying to grad programs (to be clear PhD programs - not masters). I spent a lot of time comparing myself to other people on this website, and in retrospect, it didn't really do much good. However, here are some points that I picked up along the way that I think are worth sharing: GRE: try to get both the verbal and the quant section ~80th percentile for any school. Some highly competitive programs look for better, but I think this is a good rule of thumb. I had to take t
  3. Thanks Plan B, I think I saw you're going to Harvard? nicely done.
  4. Committed to University of Washington Biochemistry. So happy with my choice and relieved all this is done!!
  5. Well folks, I think this is it for me. Accepted at all four schools I interviewed at. Haven't heard from Northwestern or Boulder, but I'll go ahead and assume rejection (neither were high on my list of preference anyhow). Applications and interviews turned out much better than I could have anticipated. Although I was rejected from my "reach" schools (UCSF and Yale), I am more than happy with my acceptances! Now to choose... UW of Michigan... Best of luck to everyone else. I love hearing about other peoples experiences. It has been stressful but worth it in the end!!
  6. I think you ought to just wait until you've been accepted (or not) from this other school, then politely decline. No point in jumping the gun before you have been accepted.
  7. I think that your speculation of 50% is high. Most programs expect 20-30% to accept.
  8. First acceptance!!! UW biochemistry! Exhale....
  9. Just got back from my first interview... it was fun! Now we wait. Again. Ugh. Hope it's not for long this time.
  10. Thanks for keeping this site up and running smoothly
  11. Thanks I got a phone call from a PI, and a quick follow up email from her. She said that the graduate student interview coordinator would email me tomorrow to confirm the date and talk about travel plans.
  12. Got this interview invite! going to attend the first weekend!
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