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  1. Reach out to every single program coordinator and generate some type of rapport with them. Although they usually do not have a say in whether you are accepted or not, the programs I ended up getting into were the ones where I contacted the coordinator EARLY and assessed my competitiveness for the program. Secondly, I would prepare 3X harder for my interview. I botched my first interview because I got super nervous and couldn't accurately describe my research (they ended up rejecting me two weeks ago.) Do not make this mistake, and practice even if you feel like you know your research on
  2. One of my friends heard back today from a Ph.D. program she interviewed at a while ago, letting her know she was accepted. There's hope. If you can, shoot the program coordinators for the programs you are waiting for an email.
  3. Solid advice. I went the creative route, but I had more than five people review it including a professional writer. I had the professional writer review it first, and she helped me avoid some pitfalls and structure it better. It's possible, but make sure you get it reviewed A LOT. So try your best to get the first draft done as soon as possible, and then have as many people as you can review it and provide feedback. The original draft of my personal statement took a complete 360 after all my reviews, so I think it's imperative you get fresh eyes to view it. I know it's going to be ha
  4. Thanks! I really appreciate it! After my first two rejections in a row, I was getting worried, but luckily things turned out! And super congrats on getting accepted into UIC once again! Let's kick some ass in our programs!
  5. I told outright to one of my PIs during my interview that I wanted to do a rotation with them if I were to be accepted into their program. I then followed up with a thank you email, and they reiterated that they'd love to have me as a rotation student in the future. I'll be sending a follow-up email around maybe June-July to confirm a spot. I don't think it's too early to at least tell them you are interested.
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to update everybody. I posted earlier in this thread! I came from a poor uGPA (~2.7), that was not reflective of who I could be. However, it happened, and there was nothing I could do. I was very lucky to find a Masters Program in my field that was willing to take a chance on me. During my ~two years, I was able to excel and achieve close to a 3.9 GPA. I took the GRE and was only able to do slightly above average (my combined percentiles were 70th.) I went ahead and applied to 6 schools and was rejected by 3, accepted by one outright, and had two intervie
  7. Happy to say I just accepted an offer of admission from one of my top choices and a top 20 school in my field. For all of those with low-GPAs, there is hope! Find a masters that will accept you... do extremely well and the door will open for Ph.D programs! EDIT: Also, thank you to this community for the great advice and support along the way!
  8. You nailed down the weaknesses in your app yourself; your letters and your GRE score. Everything else looks phenomenal. Also, you applied to some competitive schools. Had you opened up and applied more broadly, you probably would have gotten an acceptance. Fingers crossed you hear something back from those last two schools, but if you don't, retake the GRE, get better letters and apply to a much larger pool of schools. The schools won't tell you anything different than what you have figured out for what was weak.
  9. Epigenetics, I feel for you. I was in the same boat, I had an interview at my "dream" school, and ultimately it seems like I will be getting rejected. However, I had an interview at another program, and I completely feel in love with them. I just received an acceptance, and I'm so happy that things turned out the way they did because I might have missed out on this opportunity. Let yourself grieve for a couple of days, but then get things together and kill your next interview!
  10. Strange. Normally I would say it's a bad sign, but so many people haven't heard from Case. It's pretty strange. Perhaps they got an influx of people apply extremely early, and already have filled their class?
  11. Same here. However, I applied on January 15th. Honestly, I don't think it's too good that we've gone silent. :/ Anyone want to be brave and email the program coordinator?
  12. Yep! First interview. I might be being too hard on myself here, but it just sucks knowing you could've done better on your answers, and now you're stuck waiting for follow up answers.
  13. Is more like I explained my research, then they asked some questions about the process, and my answers were very fiddled and sounded a bit unsure. This happened for almost all of my research questions, besides 1 or 2. Perhaps I am being hard on myself, but it just sucks because these are questions I absolutely knew the answer to and I had rehearsed. (And obviously, this is my research so I should know it.)
  14. For those who applied to schools with a January 15th deadline, when should we expect responses? I obviously understand every school is different, but any ideas?
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