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  1. Hi everyone, I am considering some institutions for the next application cycle (Fall 2019), and I came across a PhD program offered by The New School. The program is the Public and Urban Policy PhD. Does anyone have any experience with The New School? It looks like funding is scarce and tuition is high but the alumni seem to have pretty great careers in social research and academia. How is this school's reputation nationally or on the east coast? is it comparable to a private school in the west coast like USC or Pepperdine? or lesser known? thanks in advanced for input.
  2. I was notified via email that I got a spring semester merit-based scholarship from my program. Every bit helps.
  3. Known about for years, (I think since I was at least a senior in h.s.) but did not join until after I got accepted to my M.S. last year. I figured its a right of passage for stressed out (grad) students. Anyway, I'm in it for the long run from starting 1st year of masters to applying and continuing to a PhD later.
  4. After years of putting off driving due to anxiety disorders, I finally got my drivers permit today. Passed the test on my first try after a month of study. I know once I get the full license it will open doors to travel and jobs I've previously had to pass due to listing the license as a requirement. It will make life a little bit easier in general!
  5. Shrimp (allergies), apple snobs (I have used ipad for convenience / ebook/ education apps since gen 2 (now the 2017 pro) but don't care for the gimmicky phones with facemoji), overzealous SJWs, people that make drugs a lifestyle (we get it you vape!), any nationality that claims "power/respect" over another nationality. Mostly societal issues I guess lol.
  6. Its a real school, with multiple campuses across regions, the closest to me is Antioch Los Angeles. As with most private institutions, tuition is pretty high. It appears to be unranked in USNEWS but it is accredited by a regional ranking org (HLC). Looks like it is marketed towards working adults who take afternoon/ night classes. I'd compare it to a state school but since it's private the student faculty ratio is probably lower. If the PhD program provides funding, might be worth looking into! Personally, I do not know anyone who went there. I think if you are looking to work in the region of the campus job prospects will be good due to connections nearby.
  7. I can't afford to live comfortably in L.A. county anymore (rent costs have double since I was a teenager), its too expensive thanks to the gentrification (anyone listen to the podcast There Goes the Neighborhood ?) and mayor ignoring affordable housing pleas. I'm on a fixed income (ie grad loans for masters). It's time to move out and I'm looking at AZ where I plan on applying for a PhD at ASU this year anyway.
  8. AccessGranted

    Tempe, AZ

    Is it basically like SoCal inland weather wise? I'm pretty interested in doing a PhD program at ASU. I don't mind the heat and don't really frequent the beaches in SoCal anyway.
  9. This is so true! if you don't have a car in L.A. county you can get around but it is very time consuming. I somehow managed to get around growing up here without a car. Most cities surrounding L.A. like Burbank and Pasadena have local buses that pass through main streets. But its difficult to get to more remote parts of towns like mountains unless you use ride sharing apps. The cost of living is not worth it though for students, maybe those with careers already!
  10. Interesting topic! I asked my classmates a similar question last week, they recommended the twin cities for decent public transit. It might also depend on your cost of living, SF has BART but is costly like NYC. Maybe Florida has some decent transit systems in the mid-small cities?
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