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  1. Hi, everyone! So, I am currently living in the northeastern United States, and I will be moving to the south for graduate school. This will be a 13 hour drive down. I will be moving with my boyfriend, our two cats, and our leopard gecko. Has anyone had experience with moving states, especially with pets? What is the cheapest way to move all of our furniture? How do I get my pets to ride in the car with the least amount of stress/anxiety? Thank you!
  2. Well, I got my wish. Only got one acceptance so I didn't have to decide! I confirmed my offer today and I am very excited for this new start.
  3. Fortunately for me, the schools I am waiting on offer funding, so I really just want one acceptance lol. I hope you both get in with funding!
  4. I actually only really want one offer so I don't have to choose. Just one...any offer...
  5. I made two applications for one of my prospective schools: one was for a specific department, normal application, while the other was for an interdepartmental 1-year RA program that has completely separate admissions. Unfortunately, I received an email last week saying that the Dean decided not to fund the RA anymore, so no applicants would receive it. I just received an email today from a professor of a different department (associated with the RA program) asking if I would be interested in pursuing a career related to his research. I don't really know how to respond because I haven't heard f
  6. Application was due a month ago, and I submitted it on time. Realized it was for the wrong thing just today and ended up panicking, calling them to get it fixed, and cried in the bathroom at work. What a great day.
  7. I will tell you this from personal experience. I would definitely go to Admitted Students Day. I went to visit one of my schools for a graduate recruitment even though I was not sure it was what I wanted. Just from two days of being there, I was very impressed and loved the school, and all of my doubts are gone. If you think you are having doubts about a school, a visit will solidify your decision.
  8. I would just go for it. You never know! There was a school I felt pretty good about and received many positive things from the POI of that school, but ultimately I got rejected. I personally like to keep my options open, and unless I see an official acceptance in my email inbox, I do not consider it to be a guarantee.
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