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  1. Hey all! If anyone is pursuing paleo and or bio anthropology in graduate school (or another related discipline), would you mind shooting me a PM?
  2. Hey all, I'm a third year student, and I'm really struggling with this question and it has to do with a lack of confidence in my abilities. I always do quite well in my classes (A to A+ range generally) but I simply cannot seem to decide if pursuing academia is the right call for me. I know I would love being a professor, but everyone is telling me that it's so hard to get into a PhD program, then it's so hard to find a job after, and it takes so long that I'm wondering if it would even be worth it? I could easily go to teachers college if I want to teach (I know jobs are minimal but it's less time), or law school. What should someone honestly consider in my position? I am very scared that I will begin trying to accomplish this, only to find out years later that it was a bad idea and that i've wasted time and money. Is it normal to feel this way? Everyone else in honours programs seems to confident.. My current GPA is ~3.9/4.0
  3. Hi everyone, Because I am going into my third year of undergrad, I certainly need to figure out what I want to do my honours in because I do not want to do an extra year (or more) simply because I did not know what I was doing. I am quite certain I want to go into academia, but I just have no clue whether I want to go into sociology or psychology (or perhaps even anthropology?). I live in Canada, and at my university they offer a joint honours degree where one can complete your honours in two subjects (e.g., psych and soc) and although this seems like the obvious choice, I have one small issue with it. If I only did psychology, I would be able to get a really high GPA because at my school an A+ in a psychology course is 90-100%. As such, I have received mostly A+'s so far. However, an A+ in sociology at my school is a 97-100% (with an A being 90-95%). So, If i did end up wanting to go to graduate school for psychology, all of the sociology courses I would take in the joint honours program would really bring down my GPA (thus making me appear to be a worse student than I am). What do you guys think? Should I just choose either psychology or sociology, or should I do the joint honours program to keep grad school open as an option for both subjects (but also surely receive a lower GPA at the same time) ? Thanks everyone Also, my interests in psychology are dream/sleep research, whereas my sociology interests are social inequality/homelessness.
  4. Hey everyone, Does anyone plan on doing, or know of anyone who plans of doing, a PhD in sociology somewhere in Europe? I was just curious about this possibility and had a few questions about it. For instance, does anyone know if one has to take the GRE to do a PhD in sociology in Europe? Are the admissions more or less competitive?
  5. Hey everyone! I have a couple of questions about teachers colleges Education is something that I have been considering for quite some time (becoming a teacher that is). However, I am curious as to what the top programs are for becoming a teacher after one is finished with their UG? If anyone knows the answer to this, do you also know what kind of GPA students usually have in their UG degree who get accepted to these top programs?
  6. Hey all, Just wondering about what one can do with a PhD in sociology outside of Academia I love sociology so much and I have always wanted to do a PhD, but in the event that I do so and cannot find a job as a professor, does anyone know of any other promising career paths for sociology PhD grads?:) Thanks!
  7. Hi there! I am very curious as to what kind of stats are needed to get into a clinical psychology PhD program in Canada. For UG and Masters, what would be GPA's that would give one a good shot of being accepted? How about GRE score? Thanks so much for your help
  8. My professor was telling me how little work their is for professors in the classroom. However, she said to me that "PhD's are getting a lot of work in Admin positions ay universities." And she said these are high paying jobs. She left before I could ask any other questions. What are these positions and do PhD's actually get them often times and make good money?
  9. Hello all, This may seem slightly silly, but I know of an individual working on a product (it's actually a service) that both he and I truly believe has the potential to be a great success. However, this individual does not have the coding skills to actually create the design he wants for his site, which we hopes will become an app with some success. If any of you are potentially interested in being apart of something like this, and are skilled at coding, please feel free to message me for more details on the job itself . There is potential for a large pay-off with this, we just need a highly skilled individual! All the best, PS
  10. Thanks for the answer I suppose 100K + is, quite objectively speaking, pretty "high pay." So perhaps that would be a good reference base?
  11. I am so happy I found this forum! I'm new here, just signed up so it's nice to "meet" you all For the last 7 years of my life, I have been dead set on becoming a lawyer. I have been in all the forums, asked all the questions, but after working with a lawyer this past summer, I realized that law simply isn't for me. This was quite hard to take because it had been my plan for years. However, I had always known that my true passion was studying sociology. I did my honours in sociology and although I always wanted to take it further, my long-time plan to be a lawyer just made me think that I shouldn't pursue sociology. I finished my UG honours degree at StFX in Canada. My GPA is about 3.88/4.0, which is ~ 87% average for my honours. So, First of all, are my grades high enough to give me a shot at doing an MA and then PhD? My first year wasn't super great so that makes the GPA look worse haha! As much as I love the discipline, I know how hard it is to get a steady teaching job as a professor now. I am therefore interested in something outside of Academia. My favourite area of sociology has to do with the media and the ways in which sociology can help us to understand how societies are persuaded and essentially manipulated by things like social media. Are there any jobs I could do pertaining to this? Something that I also love is business.. So I had thought that perhaps if I became an "expert" (so to speak) in media influence and things of that sort, that businesses could perhaps hire me to help them advertise their products/services in such a way that it is most likely to tap into the gold mine of social influence? Maybe this all sounds naive haha! I sure hope not... Anyways, if anyone could give me some advice that would be awesome:) One more thing, what other high paying jobs can one do with a sociology PhD outside of academia?
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