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  1. @method I was in exactly the same boat as you are in last year in terms of applying to soc depts and b-schools, so let me try and help. Just because you've highlighted your work experience and are currently writing your SOP, let me just stress: don't focus on your work experience in your application. People are only interested in why you want to do research, what kind of research, how that fits into the department, and why you're going to succeed. So unless your work experience informs the first of those points, I would not advise to spend much time on it. Especially for B-schools
  2. @egr37 Honestly, there don't seem to be any notable weaknesses in your profile. Seeing as you're at UW, you should try and get LORs from some of the more well-known professors, which should really help make your case. I don't know too much about your subfield, so there's nothing much else I could say. Higher quant scores can never hurt, but if you're not planning on doing heavy quant work, you should be fine as is. EDIT: regarding your writing sample, just submit whatever you believe is your best piece of work and, potentially, showcases some of your research skills.
  3. Additionally, get research experience. See if you can RA for a professor you know, make sure to write a senior thesis if you're in the US. All of this has the advantage of looking good on your CV, helping you write better applications, and will also help you figure out if you actually want to go down the academic path. It's really hard to judge whether academia is something you actually want to commit to long term, without having spend an extended amount of time doing research. Otherwise it depends on the type of research you envision yourself doing. If you want to do quantitative resear
  4. Quick thoughts: Are you applying to the US? If so, you're not expected to come with a fully fleshed out research project to begin with. You're obviously expected to have some ideas or interests, but people are generally expected to revise their plans or develop new ones as they learn about theory and research the first couple of years. From what I've heard, AdComms can even see it as a negative if you come with a very detailed proposal as they fear that there might only be very few potential advisors for such specific project ideas. Don't box yourself in too much by spending half a year
  5. Look @Andromeda3921, I think generally your profile looks quite good, but I would agree with @high_hopes that upping your quant score would definitely help. This probably applies to schools outside of the US as well, partly because some are trying to model themselves after US PhDs and partly because other applicants simply will have higher scores. I also think people might be suspicious of a low quant score in combination with a operations research degree (at least those schools that value the GRE quite highly). High GREs will be especially helpful if your GPA isn't that great (don't
  6. Just to add to the pot: I've just applied for my third F-1 Visa. Once in my home country, twice in other countries (one EU, one non-EU). Nothing changed. Always the exact same process and nobody commented on it (other than maybe asking what I was doing in the country at the moment).
  7. @jriveracal I have a couple of thoughts, but let me be blunt first of all: You either need to significantly up your GRE scores or adjust the schools you're looking at. This is not to say that there isn't an outside chance that you might get lucky and have someone sitting on an Adcomm that really likes your research interest, but it is much more likely that you'll quickly be put in the pile of people that does not get a second look. One bad score (either quant or qual) can be overlooked if the candidate is looking to do research relying on the other side of methods, two, most likely, will not b
  8. First of all: Congratulations on taking the GRE and performing better than in practices. That is a win and every win along this journey should be celebrated. So here goes: Of course you can still apply, but you might want to adjust the types of schools you're looking at should you apply this round. I don't know to what extent AdComms will go into the nitty gritty of your transcript (probably only if you're a fringe candidate). Bad GREs or GPAs can typically be made up for by other qualities, but these are usually either the other of the two scores or research experience. You are telling u
  9. Research experience and GRE scores. For now, research experience. Doing some RA work besides your thesis and class projects will be a strong signal for adcomms and further help you figure out if you really want to go into academia. It could also show you areas of research you might be interested in. Decent grades during your master's shouldn't hurt either. Especially if your undergrad GPA wasn't all that great.
  10. Sounds very fair! Seems like you know which things to think about. I hope NCSU turns out to be a great program for you or that one of the the other apps works out.
  11. Oh sorry. That was not meant to sound judgy at all. I definitely agree with your statement (with the qualification that one has to be careful not to get too focused on one specific program, as the chances to get into a specific program are just that much smaller than into getting into one out of the few one has applied to). It was more meant to be helpful, in that it sounds like an incredibly difficult decision to me to give up an offer to apply again next year. So that might be something that could be avoided in round 2. I'm just trying to say that safety schools aren't worth it if one does n
  12. Sorry if I missed this earlier, but why aren't you happy with your NC State acceptance? There must have been a reason you applied there. It might not be a bad idea to take some time for yourself at some point to really consider whether you don't want to take their offer. Taking some time away from this forum, where people talk about the Harvards, Stanfords, and Wisconsins of this world, might also help put NC State in perspective. Should you decide to apply again next year though, try and figure out which schools you would actually attend before you apply. There's no reason to apply to pl
  13. I found this somewhere else. Might be good to keep in mind to reach out to advanced grad students. (Feel free to disregard the disgruntled, crude language if you wish) "REMINDER to all prospective students to seek out advanced graduate students and recent grads of the department for their perspective on the quality of training they have received. These people are not necessarily going to be easy to find. They're busy doing research, preparing for the job market, or working towards tenure. They don't usually even show their faces at visit days. But they're absolutely going to b
  14. Funding and family are obviously reasons that should seriously be considered and so are reputation and academic fit. You might want to try and talk to multiple people throughout the decision-making process. While this forum is a place to start, I'd advise you to talk to your letter writers or other academics that you might be able to ask for help. People are generally very supportive and like to share career advice. And your letter writers will be able to judge the situation more clearly and might provide more insight into the effects of limited funding and reputation. Weighing academic fit ve
  15. Haha they have the professors working weekends for this? Or were those just emails from your POIs informally letting you know?
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